Fall 2019 Online High School Courses

Fall 2019 Online High School Courses With Achieve Virtual

For both traditional and non-traditional students who are looking to earn high school credits in the fall semester of 2019, Achieve Virtual is the online resource for Indiana students to work toward their diploma. As a school fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education, we offer students a much higher degree of freedom while still pursuing the education and preparing either for college or to equip themselves for future opportunities. While the experience is decentralized, students can find the time that works for them to learn and study. We offer courses in every area required by the state of Indiana, and our teachers are passionate about connecting with every student and offering them the best experience possible.

As you continue your education in fall 2019, Achieve Virtual offers courses in each of the following:

Business & Career

Online business and career courses at Achieve Virtual are designed to give students the tools they will need to be successful not only in business, but in their adult lives. These courses provide a foundation for individuals in dealing with personal finances, preparing to succeed in college as well as in their careers beyond, and looking to get better acquainted with the roles and responsibilities that they’ll have to take on throughout their life as an adult.

Health & Physical Education

Courses in health and physical education are oriented toward developing knowledge of the body and its functions, as well as the practices necessary for a long and healthy life. Students will learn healthy practices to follow (as well as unhealthy ones to avoid), and begin to achieve an enjoyable connection to physical activity that they will hopefully stay with for life.

Language Arts

Language arts courses are taken throughout all four years of high school, and ensure that students understand how to read analytically, write properly, understand arguments and themes, and speak persuasively. From the foundations of the English language to the great authors, our dedicated language arts staff want to shape young minds and give them the best possible head start for their college education or career ahead.


For students looking for a future degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subject, math courses are a common foundation. They teach how to make sense of the world around us through numbers, and give every single student a firm background in mathematics that they will use during their career as well as in their personal finances as an adult.

Fine Arts

For students looking to express themselves and study humanity’s artistic endeavors, our fine arts courses are an outlet to let the creative side flourish. Study the history and form of art and theater, and learn to create something beautiful with 2-D Art.


Whether it’s biology, chemistry or physics, science courses allow the passionate teachers at Achieve Virtual to help students understand the world around them. Integrated online discussions and thoughtful assignments, as well as AP courses, form a strong basis for future education and the backbone for a passion for learning.

Social Studies

Achieve Virtual offers a full array of social studies courses, allowing students to learn about the history of our world, our country and our state, as well as the people and cultures we share the planet with. Study economics as well as the past, and gain insight to face current issues.

World Languages

Learning a world language doesn’t only culturally enrich a student. It also allows them to communicate with others, form connections, and present as more desirable to potential future employers. Our educators offer a personalized touch in addition to assignments and group discussions. Courses are offered on levels one through three.


Technology is a booming field with exceptional job prospects, and the skills that students would gain through Achieve Virtual’s technology courses are capable of touching every industry. Giving a student a foundation for a future career in technology, or simply the knowledge to operate efficiently in another field, can be one of the most important elements of a high school education.

Dual Credit

Dual credit courses through Achieve Virtual not only fulfill high school credits, but also earn college credit through Vincennes University. Visit our Dual Courses page to learn more about systems and prerequisites.