Achieve Virtual K-6

Summer 2023 Registration Opens April 4th

What to Expect

Achieve Virtual’s program has the same academic rigour of a traditional school, for all grades. The student will benefit from quality time with teachers, as well as student gathering activities where they can build relationships and school pride.

While a virtual school provides for a flexible learning environment for the student, it still maintains a basic expectation of student attendance and performance.

Student Expectations

For the benefit of each student’s education, we maintain certain expectations:

  • Attend school as per the stated policy.
  • Show respect to instructors, staff, and other students while enrolled with Achieve Virtual.
  • Communicate with staff in the event they are unable to meet attendance expectations.
  • Follow all the policies of the MSD of Wayne Township.
  • Demonstrate academic integrity throughout their time as a student with Achieve Virtual.

Unverified absences could lead to truancy protocol for excessive unexcused absences.

Meals (lunch)

Hot lunches will be provided right before students leave at 1:25 daily. Students will eat at the conclusion of their 4th period class before being escorted to the buses / car pick up line.

Supply List

Students need a computer/chromebook (MSD of Wayne Township resident students can receive one from the district), internet in the home (not provided by district).

  • For the in-person days, students will need to bring:
  • chromebook or laptop
  • writing utensils (pens/pencils),
  • lined paper
  • any textbooks or workbooks for the classes

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