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Online High School in Indiana

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I think it's been very exciting because she has been able to communicate with a teacher that she has never met before, and to look at the material and go over the material at her own pace. Because of her schedule, it allows her to do it when she is available to do it, and here in school she has a period every day that she can come and look at the material and if she needs to go back and review it. It lets her do it at her pace, when she is available.

John P.

We appreciate the Achieve Program because it gives our students the opportunity to take classes that we don't offer at our school like: AP psychology, sign language, and foreign languages. Our students our taking these classes through the achieve program and have been successful so far.

Sandra K.

Achieve Virtual Education Academy

Achieve Virtual is for you if you:

Are a fifth - or sixth-year senior working towards graduation.

Are home-schooled and want quality courses from an accredited high school.

Are home bound due to illness or discipline issues.

Need summer school options.

Want to make room in your schedule for other classes.

Want a non-traditional high school experience.

Have failed courses and need to recover credits.

Want Advanced Placement (AP) or dual-credit courses not offered in your home school.

Want to take additional courses to accelerate learning.

Earn A Quality Education

More About Achieve Virtual Academy...

Achieve Virtual Education Academy individualizes and personalizes high school. It provides a different pathway to a high school diploma. We offer students an affordable option to accelerate learning, recover lost credits or earn a complete Indiana Core 40/Academic Honors Diploma.

Achieve Virtual is Indiana’s only online high school from an Indiana public school district. It is operated by the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis and is backed by the district’s rich academic history and 12 years of online learning experience.

Curriculum aligns with Indiana Department of Education Standards

Member of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis started the Indiana Online Academy in 1999, the first online school in Indiana.

Students in our district earn approximately 4,500 credits each year through virtual education. 

Achieve Virtual has a curriculum aligned with Indiana Department of Education Standards and created and facilitated by certified Indiana teachers. 

In addition, Achieve is officially approved by the NCAA and is a member of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL). 

Summer Enrollment 2017 Coming Soon!

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