AP US Government Course

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AP US Government & Politics

AP US Government & Politics Course Description:

Length/Credits: 1 semester – 1 credit
Open to: Grade 12
Prerequisite: None

The AP program in United States Government and Politics course gives students an analytical perspective on government and politics in the United States.

The course includes both the study of general concepts used to interpret United States politics and analysis of specific examples.

It requires familiarity with the various institutions, groups, beliefs and ideas that constitute United States politics. Students become acquainted with a variety of theoretical perspectives and explanations for various behaviors and outcomes.

Topics covered include: constitutional underpinnings of United States government; political beliefs and behaviors; political parties, interest groups and mass media; institutions of national government; public policy; and civil rights and civil liberties.

This course provides the student with a learning experience equivalent to most college introductory United States or comparative government and politics courses.

This course prepares students to take the Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics examination offered in the spring.

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