Geography & World History Course

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Geography and World History

Geography & History of the World Description:

Length/Credits: 1 semester – 1 credit
Open to: Grades 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: None

Students use geographical and historical skills and concepts to deepen their understanding of the global themes contained in the Indiana academic standards.

Geography and History of the World is an alternative to the standard World History course. It provides research tools to think geographically and historically, including:

  • Asking geographic and historical questions
  • Acquiring geographic and historical information
  • Interpreting maps, timelines and other graphic representations to solve geographic and historical problems and to analyze world events and suggest feasible solutions to world problems
  • Reaching conclusions about geographic and historical questions
  • Giving verbal, written, graphic and cartographic expression to conclusions

The concepts provide intellectual tools to think geographically and historically about: change over time, cultural landscape, diffusion, human environment interactions, human livelihoods, national character, spatial interaction, spatial organization and spatial variation.

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