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Level II Courses

French II, German II, Spanish II

Length/Credits: 2 semesters – 2 credits
Open to: Grades 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: Level 1

Level II World Language courses in French, German, or Spanish, enable students to participate in online activities related to the language studied as well as to participate in conversations dealing with daily activities and personal interests through virtual conferences. Students are able to:

  • ask questions regarding routine activities;
  • participate in conversations on a variety of topics;
  • relate a simple narrative about a personal experience or event;
  • interact in a variety of situations to meet personal needs, such as asking permission, asking for or responding to an offer of help, and expressing preferences pertaining to everyday life;
  • understand main ideas and facts from simple texts over familiar topics;
    read aloud with appropriate intonation and pronunciation; and
  • write briefly in response to given situations, for example postcards, personal notes, phone messages, and directions, as well as write letters using culturally appropriate format and style.

Additionally, students become:

  • familiar with major geographical features, historical events, and political structures of the country/countries being studied;
  • familiar with different aspects of the culture, including the visual arts, architecture, literature and music, using the World Languages where appropriate;
  • able to extend and respond to hospitality as a host or a guest; and
  • aware of time expectations, such as arriving for appointments and social engagements.

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