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Online High School Diploma

Get Your High School Diploma Online

Students across Indiana are learning the benefits of earning a high school diploma online. With more than 14 years of online learning experience, Achieve Virtual brings the classroom to students’ homes, allowing them to earn a real high school diploma online at no cost.

Whether a student is still of high school age but unable to attend or earning those last few credits to get a diploma, Achieve Virtual can help.

Real Indiana Educators

Achieve Virtual utilizes Indiana educators to help students earn a free high school diploma online. Each course is accredited by the state’s Department of Education, with special education courses available to those who need them. Each year, Achieve Virtual invites its high school diploma online graduates to attend a graduation ceremony in order to celebrate their big accomplishment with other students.

While earning a high school diploma online free, students have one-on-one access to teachers, who can provide personalized help with their education needs.

Students also have access to the same support they’d have in one of Indiana’s great high schools, including student counseling and administrative and technical support.

Dual Credits Available

Many students are working hard to get a diploma in order to move straight to college.

When a student uses Achieve Virtual to earn an online high school diploma, dual credits are an option. In cooperation with Vincennes University, courses like English composition, introduction to computer concepts, and college algebra can count toward both a high school and college degree.

Unlike the courses that count solely toward a high school diploma online, these dual-credit courses have prerequisites, but students will be getting a college credit out of the way for each of these courses. Some courses will require an SAT or ACCUPLACER test, the latter of which is a standard Vincennes University test.

Each course is in the Core Transfer Library, which means students earning an online high school diploma can transfer it to their colleges of choice, getting a head start on their college and potentially cutting the number of semesters required to earn a bachelor’s or associate degree.

Achieve Virtual provides students the opportunity to earn a real high school diploma online.

With great teachers and the potential to earn college credits at the same time, Indiana students are finding this free service is the best option to earn a degree easily and conveniently.

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