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Online High School Models

Online Schools That Offer High School Diplomas

If you are looking for online schools that offer high school diplomas, you’re in the right place. While there are a wide variety of virtual schooling options available, you’ll discover that Achieve Virtual Academy stands out as a leader in online education.

Online High School Options

When researching online schools that offer high school diplomas, you will find there are many different types of learning options. Options range from traditional classrooms that offer online activities, to fully online classrooms that can be taken anywhere an Internet connection is available, to blended options that fall somewhere in the middle.

Some different models include:

1. The Á La Carte Model

This option allows students to take a single course, or a series of courses, entirely online, whether in their school building or off-site.

2. The Enriched Virtual Model

This model offers is a single course, or series of courses, that is mostly online, enabling students to work off-site. There is also some face-to-face learning.

3. The Fully Online Model

In this model, all coursework is taken remotely or off-site and the teacher or teachers are online.

The first two models are commonly used to supplement a traditional public school education or as an alternate summer school option. Achieve Virtual Academy falls into the third category and offers something for everyone.

Why Choose Achieve Virtual

Our state accredited full time online public school offers a high school diploma – not merely a GED, as many online programs do.

Why is this distinction important? Many people aren’t aware that a GED is not at all equivalent to a high school diploma.

Here are just some of the differences between the two:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates, on average, earn significantly more money per month than those with a GED.
  • Those with a high school diploma have an easier time obtaining jobs and are provided more opportunities to advance in their careers than those holding a GED.
  • The U.S. Census Bureau states that less than 5% of those with a GED receive a bachelor’s degree, compared to the 33% of those with diplomas that do.

Join Us

Achieve’s virtual high school provides more opportunity, convenience, and flexibility than traditional high schools, while also offering a lot more benefits than many existing online programs.

Enroll in our online high school today and earn you diploma entirely from home – your classroom, instructors, and fellow students are as close as the nearest Internet connection.

Contact us to enroll or with any questions you have.

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