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Needing Online High School for Students

The New Reasons Why Parents Need Online High School for Students Now

In today’s environment where people are more digitally connected than ever before, new online alternatives are emerging as valuable replacements for all types of experiences. Often, online options are more convenient in many ways than how things have traditionally been done, with accessibility that creates new opportunities. It’s no wonder then, that virtual high school programs are capable of offering education that used to only be accessible through traditional high schools.

As Indiana’s first public virtual high school operated by a local Indiana school district, Achieve Virtual Education Academy is a fully accredited option for students to accelerate learning, recover lost credits or earn a complete Indiana Core 40/Academic Honors High School Diploma. Parents now have an option that might work best for their child’s education, that’s flexible and able to be taken on at a pace that works for students. All classes at Achieve Virtual are created and taught by highly qualified Indiana teachers, and the curriculum is backed by the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township.

See how Achieve Virtual Education Academy is the perfect answer for parents needing new educational options for their children.

Accelerate your child’s learning.

For gifted students looking for a greater academic challenge in order to stay engaged and keep learning, Achieve Virtual offers a high-achieving curriculum and AP courses across multiple subjects. In some schools, educational standards might not be high enough to challenge gifted students, and in cases where a school is underfunded, they might not offer AP courses. These courses are incredibly important in making sure a gifted student will receive college credit, and can help them graduate with a more advanced high school diploma.

Parents now have the ability to compare schools, and place them in a digital environment where they still get to interact with their teachers and peers but do so on a timeline that won’t leave them spinning their wheels in frustration at a lack of challenge.

Get help if they’re falling behind.

If your child is falling behind in school, it can be tough to make sure they have the resources and support to get back on track and graduate on time. Traditional high schools only allow as many courses as can fit in a regular school day, and during the summer things like work obligations can prevent some students from attending summer school.

Achieve Virtual is aware of the problem that students and parents can face when they’re falling behind schedule, and our schedules are able to help. Whether you’re adding on credits for a student during the school year to gain ground, or getting into summer school with the schedule flexibility that will allow them to complete courses outside of the traditional school year, online high school can help make sure that students graduate on time.

Make school work with their capabilities and obligations.

High school is here to educate students, and it’s difficult for students to engage with classroom material when they’re not challenged or stressed about schedules that prevent them from being able to get all of their work done. For students wanting to work ahead and keep their own pace, Achieve Virtual offers the opportunity to do just that with accredited courses and teachers.

Many students also need to work in order to save for college or help contribute to their family. They may not keep the same hours as a student who doesn’t need to work, and so naturally they’ll need a flexible schedule to make sure they have the time to actually engage with material rather than just do it as quickly as possible. One of online school’s biggest advantages is the ability of students to complete work on their own time – and it might be perfect for your child.

Advanced courses to supplement homeschooling.

For parents who homeschool their children, they understand why it’s become more popular in recent years – it offers increased educational opportunities and flexibility for parents to be involved with their child’s education. Achieve Virtual is here to support home schooling efforts by allowing parents to connect with accredited Indiana educators.

Achieve Virtual works directly with homeschooling parents as well as students, evaluating progress and helping make sure they’re on a curriculum that will result in a timely high school graduation. We stay accessible to parents and students, helping maintain the traditional homeschooling environment with support to help parents stay confident in the education their child is receiving.

When a traditional setting doesn’t work.

Sometimes, a traditional high school setting just won’t work for a student looking to make progress and graduate on time. Whether it’s due to special educational needs, problems with fellow students or bullying, or issues with the teachers at another traditional high school, Achieve Virtual offers a solution.

Our teachers take the time to interact with each student and make sure they feel confident, and working independently can help students avoid distractions that would make it less likely for them to get all of their work done on time and correctly.

Getting around behavior-related issues.

For students who are facing behavior-related or disciplinary issues, Achieve Virtual can also serve as the answer. Being out of contact with other students who could lead an individual to bad behavior means that there won’t be disciplinary issues to worry about in an online setting. Additionally, the work ethic needed to get work done and turned in on time under a student’s own initiative can help focus their attention and make sure that they have the support they need to succeed.

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