Students Who Cannot Attend In Person School

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For Students Who Cannot Attend Traditional School

Some students don’t have the option to attend a traditional high school for any number of reasons. From traveling to behavior issues to an unexpected pregnancy, some students cannot fit traditional schooling into their lives. That’s where online schooling comes in.

Instead of getting behind on credits, students who cannot attend traditional high schools have the opportunity to take courses online. Students attending online schools can do so from the comfort of their own homes while still achieving all of the same educational outcomes of their peers in traditional education programs.

Virtual Schools Can Help With Specific Student Situations

Every student situation is slightly different and requires special attention to ensure good educational outcomes happen. Because traditional public and private schools are often overwhelmed with daily student issues, some students in the margins are overlooked. Those are exactly the students that online schooling can help.

Because virtual schools have the unique ability to connect students to education anywhere and at any time, they’re uniquely qualified to help students outside of the norm to achieve educational success.

Traveling Students

As long as a student has an internet connection, high school education is possible. With WiFi and LTE technology, traveling students have several ways to connect to the internet in nearly every corner of the globe. For families that constantly travel, like military or sports-focused families, online schooling provides an opportunity to graduate on time for students in those families.

Because traditional public schools often have attendance quotas for their students, traveling students are often unfairly punished. Online, schooling attendance is tracked, but it’s only tracked by logging in. No physical presence in a brick and mortar building is needed.

Day-to-Day Scheduling Flexibility

The flexibility of online schooling is one of its strongest advantages, particularly for students who do not fit the traditional mold. On any given day, a student can choose when they want to do schoolwork.

This flexibility is especially useful for students who might have to have a day job to support themselves or their families. Instead of being forced into a building early in the morning, online school lets students login and complete work whenever it works for them at their own pace.

One day, a student might log on for a traditional schedule. Another day, a student might do work early in the evening after they get off work. Another night, they might choose to log on in the early hours of the morning should it suit their schedule. The bottom line is that flexibility gives students more options.

Personalized Learning

One huge advantage of online high school education lies in its ability to cater to individual student needs. Online courses offer students the freedom to be able to learn independently and truly personalize and cater to their learning experience to their wants and needs.

Students in online personalized learning environments take an active role in their education and contribute to their own learning in a meaningful way. They can work with teachers to set learning goals for themselves, work with parents to self-monitor their pace, and utilize all outside resources available to meet statewide standards.

For students who cannot attend traditional schools, online schooling gives them the opportunity to receive a level of personalization unmatched in brick and mortar schools.

Additional Resources to Address Students’ Mental, Emotional and Social Needs

Achieve Virtual is staffed with licensed teaching professionals who are fully equipped to deal with a variety of mental, emotional, and social needs. Our educators pride themselves on delivering the best education possible to every student regardless of their background.

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