Online School Used for Credit Catch-Up

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Virtual School Lets Your Student Catch Up On Credits

Catching up on credits in traditional brick and mortar schools during the school year can be incredibly difficult. Regardless of the reason a student has for needing credit recovery, it’s important that they earn the credits necessary to receive their high school diploma.

Virtual schools have become a great way for students to receive the credits they need to graduate on time. With the flexibility of online schooling, credit recovery is as simple as it’s ever been. This alternative solution outside of the traditional school programs gives students an opportunity to fully capitalize on their educational opportunities.

Key Reasons to Catch Up On Credits

Catching up on high school credits can be the difference between graduating on time with a high school diploma or having to finish high school with a GED. Some students might choose an online high school for credit recovery because they have no more room in their schedules at school to take the courses they need.

Key reasons to catch up on credits include the potential to graduate high school early, graduating on time, and receiving a high school diploma. Catching up on credits with online schooling also allows students to get back on track with their education early rather than continuing to stay behind.

Whether your student’s reason for needing more credits is for recovery or to get ahead, virtual schooling offers an outlet to achieve.

Graduating Early

Not every student has the ability to graduate early. Those who do often do so out of necessity. Maybe a student needs to get out into the workforce as soon as possible to help support their family. Maybe they’d like to fast-track their college education. Or maybe they just don’t enjoy the traditional high school experience.

With virtual schooling, graduating early is made simpler. Students work at their own pace and on their own time, so there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fit another course into their already full school schedule.

Recovering Credits to Graduate On Time

For whatever reason, a student may have missed required credits at some point during their educational journey. If this is the case, they are likely to be off-track for graduating on time. Taking credit recovery courses online allows students to catch up, get back on track, and earn their high school diploma alongside their peers.

Online learning allows students to work at their own pace, make up lost ground after normal school hours, or complete an activity multiple times until they truly understand a concept or problem. In order to graduate on time, students often have to build on their knowledge from prerequisite courses. By diving deep into topics in online schooling, students can establish a firm foundation of knowledge to pull from in the courses after.

Difference from Traditional Brick & Mortar Schools

Online schools are different. That’s no secret. As parents, it’s important to consider if those differences are right for your child. Will a student enjoy or thrive with more autonomy? Will a student be able to self-regulate and maintain the discipline needed to complete work without an adult physically present?

These questions and more push students in one direction over the other, but many students find online schooling more freeing, especially as a credit recovery option. Rather than having to work with counselors on their schedules trying to figure out which courses to cut out to allow for credit recovery, online schools allow for greater schedule flexibility.

Importance of Receiving Your High School Diploma

From better job opportunities to higher wages, earning a high school diploma is incredibly important. By recovering lost credits and getting back on track, many students set themselves up for continued success after graduation. For some, that success includes college or trade school. For others, it may mean enlisting in the military.

Some community colleges or technical schools may not deny admission because a student lacks a diploma, but students may need the education from high school to act as a foundation. Military programs require completion of high school in some form.

By not receiving a diploma, students restrict their opportunities for the future.

Achieve Virtual’s Credit Recovery Program

If you are in the position of needing to make up credits toward high school graduation, we encourage you to look into our virtual high school courses. You’ll find that we offer a variety of learning opportunities across a wide range of academic subjects, giving you the credits you need to get back on track and complete all the coursework necessary for graduating high school.

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