Homeschool Students Get Virtual High School Credits

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Homeschool Students Can Get Virtual High School Credits

Parents with Homeschool High School Students: Need More Credits?

Many Indiana parents who want greater oversight of their high school students’ education choose the homeschool option rather than traditional school. High school homeschooling is not a small commitment. Parents must keep records in order to show that their homeschool students are getting the full 180 days of instruction required by law. The parents must also find a way to deliver “instruction equivalent to that given in the public schools,” although state law does not specifically define what “equivalent instruction” means. However, it’s generally understood to mean serious learning does need to take place.

What homeschool high school students don’t receive is a diploma from the local public school or from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). But, according to the IDOE, “Many homeschool parents find their non-accredited diploma, backed by the homeschool program’s transcripts of the high school instruction the student received, accepted by colleges and prospective employers.”

Then there is the difficult task of figuring out what kind of curriculum to use in providing homeschool students with a solid education. Whether parents with homeschool high schoolers want to make sure they’re meeting state curriculum requirements or decide to switch to an accredited diploma path, Achieve Virtual can help meet your educational goals with online courses delivered through the e-learning program at Achieve Virtual – Indiana’s fully accredited virtual learning high school to meet the demand for alternatives to traditional high school. Every teacher is fully certified to teach in their areas of expertise. These classes take place online so students can learn at the pace that’s right with them while still receiving the support of highly qualified teachers along the way.

High School Students Learning Through 21st-Century Distance Technology

Parents who decide to take the homeschool option for high school students do so for different reasons. In some cases, the motivation is to exercise greater discretion over the actual content of what is learned by their students. In other cases, the primary motivation is because the overall model of attending a regular public school is not working well for their students, as opposed to having any issues with the curriculum content. For families where it would be better for youth of high school age to receive their instruction outside of a traditional school model, the e-learning programs offered by Achieve Virtual offer a clear, accredited pathway to a traditional high school diploma but delivered in a distance learning model online.

Learning in a traditional school setting simply doesn’t work well for some high school students. The reasons for this could be anything from behavioral challenges, extended illness or chronic medical conditions, or any number of other reasons that make an inflexible schedule unworkable for students and their families.

The high school education students experience in Achieve Virtual includes the instructional guidance of teachers whose top priority is providing the support they need to achieve academic success. The learning is rigorous, the support is plentiful, and the technology used enables students to learn when and where it suits them best. With the rising demand from parents and students for greater flexibility in pursuing a high school education and diploma, Achieve Virtual is meeting that demand through its fully-accredited virtual learning program.

Credit Crisis? Make Up Any Shortage with Online High School Classes

In some cases, parents with homeschool high school students just need help with a few key classes they want to be sure their youth get credit for from a quality, accredited learning program without having to go back to a traditional school model. Catching up on those credits is easy with Achieve Virtual. Your students don’t have to be enrolled full-time. The can register for one or a few courses as needed.

Students who enroll in Achieve Virtual with a full-time status receive their education free of charge. Students enrolled with a part-time status are asked to pay a modest fee for each class taken. There are also summer programs offered each year that may be of interest to Indiana families who want to avoid any kind of credit crisis during the next school year.

The teaching and learning process involved in online high school isn’t any easier or harder than regular school – but it still requires students to be motivated and organized. It also works best with active parental oversight and encouragement – but that’s nothing new to parents who have been involved in homeschooling their children.

What Achieve Virtual offers to homeschool families with high school students is a wide range of classes in subjects where parents feel it would be better to have the support and guidance of certified teachers providing the instruction rather than themselves or some other source. This is your opportunity to ensure your homeschool student(s) get the best education possible through an accredited program without all the drawbacks of the traditional classroom learning model in physical public schools. Your youth with have maximum flexibility in learning at their own pace, whether at home or in other locations where they can access an internet connection, all while receiving instruction and support from qualified teachers who are fully licensed to teach their subject areas.

If you would like more information about the learning solutions provided by Achieve Virtual and how they can meet the personalized learning needs of your high school youth, please explore our website, paying particular attention to the following pages:

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