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Virtual High School Learning Serves Needs of Many Students

Parents want the best for their children. This desire of parents to do right by their children is especially strong when it comes to education. Traditional physical schools have been doing the best they can with the resources they are given to meet the educational needs of each student, but they do have their limits. The traditional approach to public education for children and youth can only go so far in accommodating the needs of an incredibly diverse population of students who all deserve the best education possible in obtaining their diplomas.

What can parents do if the traditional class setting in a physical school isn’t working for their children? If paying for expensive private school education isn’t possible, or attending any physical school itself presents too many challenges, the list of available alternatives quickly dwindles to very few, if any. The good news for Indiana families is that there is an option: e-learning in the form of an online high school with virtual learning facilitated by state-certified Indiana teachers. Achieve Virtual Education Academy has full accreditation from the Indiana Department of Education, and all our educators are both highly qualified and licensed to teach their specific subject areas. Students can learn what they need, when and where they need it.

Bringing 21st-Century Online Learning to the High School Diploma

Traditional public high schools have been slow to fully embrace online learning technologies for a variety of reasons. This is unfortunate in the digital era of the 21st century because today’s high school students are full “digital natives” who have grown up being online and connected. Engaging in online learning is completely natural to them, and yet the educational system still relies primarily on the traditional model of classroom instruction in physical schools. But this traditional approach doesn’t work for every student.

Achieve Virtual is an online high school that bridges the gap between public high school education and students who need something different from traditional school. It is for students of any high school grade level who would benefit from having some or all of the credits they need for a diploma come from learning a virtual school where online courses are taught by real Indiana educators. Students have much greater flexibility and control over their schedule by choosing when and where they learn, whether that’s in the comfort and safety of their own home or any place else where they can connect to the internet through a web browser. Parents who have been searching for the right alternative path to a high school diploma for their children will find Achieve Virtual an option worthy of closer examination.

Virtual Schools as a New Form of School Choice

Although Indiana created a school choice voucher program to help qualifying students defray the cost of attending private school, it’s not helping expand choices for a substantial number of students. There are 45,000+ high school students in rural areas of the state who do not have any option other than their nearest traditional public school. These families deserve as many quality educational services as everyone else, but their choices are more limited in spite of the state’s school choice program. Achieve Virtual is a way for these parents to ensure a unique, personalized journey towards a high school diploma with curricula delivered by passionate Indiana educators who want to see all students succeed. And students don’t have to face long bus rides or commutes to get to a physical school.

Another group of students who can benefit greatly by enrolling in Achieve Virtual are homeschool students. Many parents of homeschool children find it a rewarding way to provide education, but in many cases feel increasingly unqualified when it comes to coursework at high school grade levels. But these same parents have their own strongly-held feelings about why a traditional physical school classroom setting isn’t the best choice for their children. Achieve Virtual might be the perfect choice for these families to give their children a state-approved high school education while remaining in the home setting.

E-Learning for High School Students: The Time Has Come

In a time when corporate America has increasingly realized the many benefits of using virtual learning for employee training and continuing education, now is the time to take fuller advantage of virtual schools as an alternative to traditional public schools, and especially for high school students. With the online learning technologies available today, there is no longer any reason for parents to limit themselves to traditional schooling for their children if it’s not working for them. Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers the online alternative these families need to ensure their high school-aged children can get the quality education they deserve without all the hassles and headaches associated with attending a traditional public school.

Thousands of teachers and others flooded downtown Indianapolis demanding more teachers and better teacher pay in the 2019 Red for Ed Action Day on November 19. More than half of the state’s school districts closed with so many teachers absent, which means tens of thousands of students did not attend their traditional public schools that day. And while those students no doubt enjoyed their day off, they also weren’t receiving any education. For students enrolled in Achieve Virtual, it was an educational day like any other because their learning doesn’t depend on being in a physical classroom in a school building.

A growing number of school districts around the nation are realizing how they can use online e-learning to deliver educational content to students when school is closed for any number of reasons such as snow days and other weather emergencies. But for some students, online learning might be the best way to receive a lot more of their high school education and Achieve Virtual makes it possible for them.

Perhaps best of all, the Achieve Virtual online high school is completely free for full-time students (five or more classes per semester). Parents who are skeptical about virtual schools are encouraged to read 5 Common Myths About Online Learning and should always feel free to contact Achieve Virtual with any questions or concerns.

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