FAQs About Online High School

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online High School Education

Many Indiana parents interested in online high school as an alternative way for their children to receive some or all of their high school education outside the traditional physical school model may have questions – this page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about virtual high school.

Online High School Options for Indiana Students of All Ages

Achieve Virtual Education Academy, managed by the Metropolitan School District of Wayne County, is a virtual learning provider of high school courses to Indiana students for whom online high school might be a better fit than attending a regular brick-and-mortar high school. Parents with questions about virtual high school will find answers here, and you can always feel free to contact us directly with any other questions you may have.

Do Achieve Virtual online high school courses count toward graduation?

Yes! Our online high school is fully accredited and approved by the Indiana Department of Education. Credits earned through Achieve Virtual count toward graduation and filling the requirements for receiving AP (advanced placement), Honors, and Core 40 Indiana high school diplomas. Learn more by visiting our Accreditations page.

Who teaches the online high school courses offered by Achieve Virtual?

Each high school course offered through Achieve Virtual is taught by a highly qualified teacher who is fully licensed to teach in Indiana in their subject area. Our educators are passionate about teaching and seeing each student succeed.

What are the advantages of online high school education?

There are many reasons why any given student enrolls in online high school with Achieve Virtual. Some students are unable to attend a traditional physical high school for various personal or medical reasons. Others need greater flexibility in when they do their coursework. Many homeschool families find they need additional support and structure when students reach the high school grades. In the final analysis, online high school can be a great option for any student for whom the regular school approach doesn’t work, whatever the reason may be. For more information on this topic, visit the page on our website called Is it Right for You?

What if a student only needs one or two courses?

Students who participate in Achieve Virtual can enroll with either a full-time or part-time status. Part-time students often just need to make up a course (credit recovery) or two to stay on track for graduation. In other cases, a student might want to take a particular course their school doesn’t offer at a time they can take it. Part-time online high school is a great way to fulfill these needs.

What does online high school cost at Achieve Virtual?

Students enrolled with a full-time status at Achieve Virtual pay nothing, meaning it’s FREE. Students within the Metropolitan School District of Wayne County pay nothing whether they are enrolled with a full-time or part-time status. Other students enrolled with a part-time status are asked to pay a modest fee per course. In some cases, a student’s regular school district may cover these fees. For more information on this topic, please visit the page on our website called How Much Does Our Online High School Cost?

Are there attendance requirements for online high school?

Yes! Every Achieve Virtual online high school student is required to log into each class they are taking for at least one hour per day on five different days of each week throughout the semester. This gives the student the flexibility to decide which days of the week they do their coursework through our online learning management system. They also have the flexibility to decide what time of the day works best for them to do their learning. For more information on this topic, see Virtual High School Attendance Requirements.

Is online high school a good way to make up credits?

Yes! It is not uncommon for students to find out that they are lacking some credits that they need to somehow make up in order to stay on track for graduation and receiving their high school diploma. The real challenge in this situation is figuring out when they can take the need courses or if they’re even offered at their regular school at a time that fits their schedule. Taking these “credit recovery” courses through the Achieve Virtual online high school solves the scheduling problem because students have the flexibility to attend them when they have time in their schedule. And they can take these courses from anywhere as long as they have a computer or laptop, a good internet connection, and web browser. For more information on this topic, visit our Credit Recovery page.

What online high school courses are available through Achieve Virtual?

The mix of what specific classes are offered does vary by semester. Achieve Virtual offers courses in Business and Careers, Health and PE, Language Arts, Math, Fine Arts, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Technology, and Dual-Credit courses (for college credit). You can visit our website’s Online High School Courses page to see course descriptions.

Are there advanced education opportunities at Achieve Virtual?

Yes! We offer a range of AP (advanced placement) courses that are accepted for credit by many colleges and universities based on the results of the AP exam taken at the end of each course. How many credits are granted depends on test scores and the policies of each institution of higher education. Achieve Virtual also offers a number of Dual-Credit courses that grant not only high school credit but also college credit. These courses are designed by Vincennes University and are typically included in the Core Transfer Library to help ensure they will be easily transferred into as many colleges and universities as possible. For more information on this topic, see our Advanced Eduction Opportunities.

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