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Final Exam Information

Final Exam Information for Achieve Students

Final Exams must be proctored as all final exams are password protected. We do not give the password to students or families due to the potential risk of the answers to our final exams being compromised for cheating purposes.
For students who live near the “Region” or Gary / Hammond, we are proctoring final exams once per month at the Hammond Public Library. Our contact there is Carol Williams. The proctor times are from 1-5pm during the scheduled testing days. Please note that the proctor is not an employee of Achieve Virtual and only verifies students by checking ID’s and entering the passwords which will unlock the final exams.

Other options throughout the State are to contact your local public library to determine if they will proctor your exam. We have found some do for free, other branches charge and the fee varies ($25-$50 per hour). Again, proctors at these locations are not employees of Achieve Virtual.

Another option is to proctor AVE final exams at the Ben Davis Extended Day Program with the Ben Davis Extended Day staff. The lab for test proctoring is open Monday – Thursday from 3:30pm – 9:00pm during regular school days. Confirm with your teachers when the lab is available for proctoring. The Ben Davis lab option is not open on Friday evenings and closes for the summer.

Ben Davis High School is located at 1200 N. Girls School Road, Indianapolis, IN.

ECA Testing will have different testing availably and options. More information will be presented by our counselor as we get closer to the end of each semester. If you have other ECA questions, feel free to contact our office at 317-661-4089 and ask for Mrs. Stephanie Rose our counselor

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