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When people think of online students, homeschoolers and adult learners often come to mind. But Achieve Virtual’s online learning model appeals to the full time student, as well. In fact, many online students attend this free online high school full time, from the comfort of their own homes.

To better explain how Achieve Virtual appeals to the traditional student, it’s important to answer the question, what is considered a full-time student?

A full-time student is one who maintains full-time student hours, which involves logging into each of their classes for at least one hour a day, five days a week.

In a traditional high school setting, students show up for class early in the morning, take a brief break for lunch, and dismiss for the day in the middle of the afternoon.

Why Attend Online School?

Achieve Virtual attracts students of all types, from the student who wants to attend courses at night or on weekends to students who are unable to attend a school with other students.

The online learning environment can even appeal to students who must be on the road because their parents work.

Behavioral issues and illnesses can also sometimes lead students to become a full-time student in an online environment. By attending Achieve Virtual’s online classroom, students receive an education from certified Indiana educators, with coursework approved by the Indiana education system.

A Sense of Pride

By the full-time student definition, students simply sit in class each day, take tests and do coursework, and receive a diploma. However, many students quickly learn achieving a college degree isn’t quite so easy.

A full-time student who attends Achieve Virtual will have the sense of accomplishment that comes from working toward a complete education while also doing so on his or her own terms.

The fact that the student did so by choice makes an online education even more valuable than a traditional student who merely goes to class because of legal requirements.

Achieve Virtual provides a full-time student many of the same amenities found in a traditional high school.

Online counselors are available to help students achieve their goals and students will also have access to one-on-one communication with teachers.

For those who keep full-time student hours, this is an essential feature that sets Achieve Virtual apart from other online learning opportunities.

For the traditional student, the convenience and quality of an Achieve Virtual education make it a great alternative to a classroom setting.

A full-time student can quickly accomplish his education goals because he’ll be putting multiple hours into completing coursework.

Even while attending online high school full time, though, a student can complete coursework at a time that is most convenient, which makes it ideal for young adults who must work and attend to other obligations during traditional school hours.

Students are assured that each course will count toward a high school degree, which students can use on applications and résumés for the rest of their working lives.

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