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Online Homeschool Curriculum in Indiana

Achieve Virtual helps high school-age students in the pursuit of a degree, offering access to certified Indiana educators without having to set foot in a traditional classroom.

Whether a parent is transitioning students from middle school to high school homeschoolers or searching for a homeschool alternative to the public school environment, Achieve Virtual can help.

Courses can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection, giving students the freedom to work from anywhere. There are several benefits to the Achieve Virtual homeschooling experience, including the following.

Parental Involvement

One of the main reasons many parents opt for homeschooling is to have active involvement in their child’s education.

Achieve Virtual allows Indiana teachers to work in coordination with parents to create an education that meets requirements for high school graduation.

By having the support of an approved high school curriculum, parents have the peace of mind of pursuing their homeschooling goals while knowing the Indiana high school system will count those credits toward a degree.

For homeschoolers, the program works similarly to Achieve Virtual’s other online high school options. The biggest difference is that teachers not only work directly with students but parents, as well.

As homeschooling students progress in their learning, teachers will regularly speak with parents, providing progress updates and highlighting any areas that need work.

At any time, a student can communicate directly with an Achieve Virtual teacher to get any help necessary.


Perhaps the best thing about Achieve Virtual’s free courses is their flexibility. Not only can students receive the benefits homeschool programs bring, but they also get the ability to take approved Indiana education courses over the Internet.

Parents are involved in each step of the process, keeping true to the spirit of homeschooling.

Achieve Virtual allows homeschool students to learn at their own pace, spending more time on classes that aren’t as easy for them and accelerate through those that come more naturally.

Each course on Achieve Virtual’s always-expanding list is written and taught by certified Indiana teachers, with students choosing from a variety of options. Dual-credit courses are available that can help homeschooling students begin work toward college education.

Students can also choose from a list of AP courses and even qualify for early graduation if they complete their requirements ahead of time. Achieve Virtual is the only online school in Indiana operated by an Indiana public school district.

The district brings more than 12 years of experience to homeschooling students and parents, allowing students to complete a high school education with confidence.

Homeschoolers in Indiana have access to curriculums from certified public teachers in Indiana through Achieve Virtual. By utilizing the great courses available through Achieve Virtual, homeschooling parents and teachers can enjoy a great education with the flexibility homeschools offer.

This combination ensures homeschooling students get a degree on time while also allowing parents to remain actively involved in the education process.

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