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Online Homeschool

Indiana Online Homeschool

An online homeschool allows students the opportunity to obtain the credits they need to get an Indiana high school diploma.

Online homeschooling is a great way for Indiana students to combine the benefits of homeschooling with the assurance parents need that their children will have a degree at the end of their efforts.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is a large part of the homeschooling experience, with parents interested in maintaining an active role in their child’s education.

Achieve Virtual strives to honor this parental role, offering homeschooling online in an effort to supplement the hard work parents are doing. Our courses can be taken from any device with an Internet connection, allowing parents to set aside time for their high school students to work on high school coursework each day.

Many parents have found that Achieve Virtual is the best online homeschool option for their needs. They can pair their homeschool curriculum with online courses to create a course of study that accomplishes their goals quickly.

Achieve Virtual consistently updates parents on its online homeschool students’ progress to allow for changes in direction when necessary.

A Guided Curriculum

From the beginning, parents are involved in creating a guided curriculum for each student’s education. Many homeschooling parents have been involved in their child’s education for a large majority of their school life, so Achieve Virtual works hard to ensure they oversee the direction of that child’s high school coursework.

Parents remain involved until high school graduation day, allowing them to complete the hard work they’ve put into making sure their children receive a well-rounded education.

Students also have ongoing access to teachers through Achieve Virtual’s online homeschool. If a student needs one-on-one instruction or simply has questions about an assignment, a certified Indiana educator is always available to answer those questions.

This gives students the same access to expertise they’d have in a school environment while also allowing them to learn and complete assignments from the comfort of home. With dual-credit courses also available, Indiana’s online homeschool students can also begin work on achieving a college degree.

For Indiana’s homeschoolers, an online school is the best option. Parents can still be involved in guiding their children while students have access to some of the best Indiana educators.

Each course will count toward achieving a high school degree, giving parents the peace of mind of knowing their high schoolers are headed in the right direction.

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