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Indiana Online High School for Homeschoolers

Parents love the home-based, flexible learning schedules for their children, but it might be difficult to make sure they meet all the educational guidelines for their state.

Achieve Virtual offers Indiana homeschoolers a great option. Attending full time on-line high school offers a lot of the same benefits of homeschooling – and it’s absolutely free to full-time students.

It’s a great way for those who want to school their children at home to access coursework from professional Indiana teachers.

It’s also ideal for parents who aren’t as confident in teaching certain topics or subject areas.

Access from Anywhere

When a parent chooses Achieve Virtual as a homeschooling supplement, teachers and parents work in collaboration to ensure a student receives the education necessary to progress to the next grade.

The courses are approved, making Achieve Virtual the only online high school in Indiana to be managed by a public school district.

Best of all, the courses are available online. This means you don’t have to always be at home to learn.

You can continue your child’s education while on vacation or on the road for business, using any device with an Internet connection. The courses are available to high school-age homeschoolers and include AP-level classes.

Graduate Early

One of the best features of an online school is that students can take a course load at their own pace. For some students, this pace is much quicker than others, which means those students may be able to graduate early.

Some courses are eligible for dual credit for an additional fee. Students who choose these classes may be able to get a head start on their college coursework.

Achieve Virtual’s homeschool options operate similarly to the programs offered as supplements to traditional high school students.

Achieve Virtual’s teachers work with the parents as well as the students to make sure parents are directly involved in every aspect of their child’s learning. The list of courses is always expanding, with each class written and taught by some of Indiana’s best educators.

With Achieve Virtual’s online high school, parents can get have their children taught at home without sacrificing the flexibility they desire. Because it’s available free to full-time students (and at affordable rates for part-timers), the online school option is often an ideal choice.

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