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School-age children look forward to summer vacation all year.

When students need to attend high school summer school, they know they will need to sit in a classroom for some of the best days of the year.

For some high schoolers, the news that summer school is required poses an even bigger issue because they rely on the money they make during summer jobs.

Summer school can seriously disrupt a student’s summer plans.

What is Summer School?

When students fall short in earning their credits during the school year, a school has only two alternatives: hold them back and force a repeat of that grade or have them make up the coursework.

Traditionally summer school has been a great way for students to make up for coursework that wasn’t completed during the regular school year.

Instead of sitting in a classroom, the Internet has opened up another alternative to students who fall behind during the school year.

Achieve Virtual provides Indiana students access to online classes during the school year to help them catch up in areas where they might be lagging behind.

If summer school should become necessary for those students, an online summer high school allows them to attend without having to sit in a classroom.

Online Summer School Programs

Achieve Virtual’s summer school programs let students take courses on their own schedule, from any location with an Internet connection.

This allows students to travel with family during the summer or work a part- or full-time job. If a student wants to do coursework from the library or from the living room of a friend’s house, Achieve Virtual’s online summer school programs allow it.

With Achieve Virtual’s high school summer school, students have access to courses that are taught by certified Indiana educators and accredited by the state’s Department of Education.

When students need assistance, one-on-one attention is available, providing them with access to a personalized learning experience not always available in a traditional classroom.

As Graduation Approaches

Parents often find that the best time for their children to attend an online high school is before summer school becomes necessary.

As a student progresses through his high school years, Achieve Virtual provides a great opportunity for students to make up coursework as they go.

Instead of waiting for a failing grade or an incomplete on a report card, a student can begin making up those credits as soon as a problem is pinpointed.

By attending an online high school, students can avoid the need for summer school by taking coursework during the year.

Even if summer high school becomes necessary, Achieve Virtual’s online classroom offers students the flexibility they need to continue to have an active summer vacation while still staying on track for a high school degree.

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