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Fall 2023 Registration is Now Closed

Summer School

NCAA Initial Eligibility Center Approved

Achieve Virtual Education Academy welcomes you to be a part of our 2023 Summer School Session! If you have students who are in need of credits in order to graduate early, recover previously failed classes, or want to take a class that is not offered at your school, then Achieve Virtual is the summer school opportunity for you! This opportunity comes at no charge to the student or the student’s sending school district for select courses (listed below).

Our Free Summer Courses


**Other courses not listed above may be available this summer, however they are not free ($250/class). Contact us at 317-988-8450 for more details.

Summer School will operate June 5 to July 14 (6 weeks.)

Enrollment Instructions

For Students: How to Register and what to expect: (April 4, 2023 — May 5, 2023)

  1. Click here.
  2. A Skyward Guardian Account Request creation window will pop up.
  3. A. New students that have never created an account with us in Skyward before will need to have the guardian information completed and follow the instructions which will be emailed to the guardian’s email address—you’ll login as the guardian and complete the student application.

    B. Students who have taken Achieve courses previously may already have Skyward accounts and may need the guardian account login information reset and emailed to the guardian if you don’t remember the original guardian login. Contact us at if you have a previous guardian account and are unable to access it and “Forgot Password” protocol doesn’t work.

  4. Once the guardian is logged in, they will select “New Student Online Enrollment”. This will pull up the New Student Enrollment Application Form. This should be done for each student, even if they’ve been enrolled before.
  5. In the Student Profile box, be sure to select “Current Year”. Please complete all fields with an “*”.
  6. For the 6 steps, be sure to click on “Complete Step 1 & move to Step 2, etc…” at the bottom of each section/step. You should observe green check marks if completed for each section correctly. The Custom Form is required in box #6 as that’s where you’ll add in the course request(s). If you don’t see the “Custom Form”, you have not selected AVE SS (AVE summer school) as the enrolling school in Box #1. Be sure the correct school is s elected.
  7. Then hit “Submit Application to the District” – see the “Process” below for follow up details.

The Process:
Each day, Achieve Virtual will share registered student names with course requests to schools’ counselors (shared via Google Sheet). If your school approves, you’ll be scheduled into your classes by June 5th. This is not an immediate process as someone in our office hand schedules every summer school student. When you’re placed into the class, our system will send you an automated email notifying you of your course placement; this will happen for each class you’re scheduled into. Teachers will reach out with introductions by the afternoon of June 5th to help students get started.

New This Year:
Our classes have transitioned into CANVAS for the first time this summer (no longer Itslearning).
Login Information:
All summer school students will be sent new login information during the week of May 15. Please monitor spam too.

What if you’ve been scheduled into classes but want to make a change?
If you are scheduled, but then would like to make changes to your course requests, your school will need to approve all course requests. Do not create a new application. Have your counselor email us the update to your course requests to New applications for students already registered will be declined.

Once we close registration, our website and registration tab will state we’re no longer accepting summer school students. The application will no longer be available. We do not maintain waiting lists.

**Refunds and / or Dropped Summer Classes: Students have two weeks from June 5, 2023 to decide if they are going to drop their class(es) without receiving an “F” for incompletion and receive a full refund if they paid it.

Safe Drop / Refund Deadline is June 16th at 4:00pm EST (no drops or refunds after that date).

**Students who do not work in the first 2 weeks will be automatically withdrawn without a grade.

Contact us with questions or concerns: 317-988-8450

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