Finish Your High School Diploma Online

Sometimes later in life, a person regrets never getting a high school degree. An adult high school online now presents the perfect solution to that, letting adult learners obtain the diploma they never received on their own time.

After years of limited job opportunities, adult learners can achieve their dreams of receiving a high school degree on their own terms.

A Delayed Education

For a variety of reasons, life can get in the way of an adolescent completing high school. At one time, adults were required to sit in a classroom to earn a traditional diploma.

The only other option was General Educational Development, or GED, test passage (now known as High School Equivalency, or HSE), but having a GED/HSE on your résumé or college doesn’t have quite the same ring as a high school diploma.

Achieve Virtual is an adult online high school with courses that have been approved by the Indiana Department of Education. When students attend this online adult high school, they’ll receive an education from certified Indiana educators.

Once complete, students who attend adult high school online can add the degree to their résumés as a full high school education.

24/7 Access

For busy adults, one of the biggest benefits of an online high school for adults is its 24/7 access. Many of Achieve Virtual’s students are parents and full-time workers, which often keeps them from being able to attend school during daytime and early evening hours.

With adult high school online, students can take classes in the middle of the night or during breaks at work, progressing through coursework at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Adult high school online students also have access to Achieve Virtual’s school counselors and one-on-one instruction. This personalized approach means they’ll always be able to ask questions to clarify their coursework or ensure they’re still on track to graduate by a certain date.

Whether students attending adult high school online are interested in earning a degree quickly or they’d rather take fewer classes over an extended period, our adult school online offers a plan that will work for them.

By attending an adult high school online, workers and parents can find the time to work toward the degree they need. Achieve Virtual is a free adult school online that provides personalized learning opportunities and courses from certified Indiana educators.

Whether a student wants to move on to college or be eligible for better career opportunities, an adult high school online is the perfect option for time-challenged Indiana residents.