a woman in a graduation cap reading from a laptop computerAdult Learners Benefit from Better Jobs After Online High School

When people talk about the relationship between education and jobs, it’s almost always focused on how higher education opens up career opportunities. But the same is true when it comes to a high school diploma. When you scan job listings, notice how many mentions a minimum education requirement of a high school diploma. For adults who don’t have one, many a job opportunity is closed to them. Most of these people would like to become adult students and get their diploma, but being students the traditional school setting won’t be an option because they have to work during regular school hours. Night school in a physical classroom also probably won’t work if they have younger children they have to care for at home. The good news, however, thanks to the internet, is that adult education through virtual schools offer a learning program and course options when and where you need them while you still fulfill all your personal obligations. 

The Connection Between a High School Diploma and a Better Job

It’s worth taking a closer look at the connection between having a high school diploma and what kind of job you can get versus not having one. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics did a very interesting study where they looked at what percentage of jobs there are by the level of education required to be eligible to apply for them. The good news is you don’t have a high school diploma is that 27% of the jobs that are out there don’t require having completed high school. And only 34% of jobs out there require higher education. But the biggest slice of this pie are jobs that require having a high school diploma—39%. Basically, you’re doubling the number of jobs for which you are eligible if you can get your high school diploma. 

Perhaps even more important is to look at how the wages you can earn in those jobs are better than the less-than-high-school jobs. Once again the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has done a study on how education pays: The median weekly earnings for working folks who don’t have a high school diploma is $553. Remember that “median” means half of those folks are making more than that, and the other half of them are making less than that. For people who have their high school diploma, median weekly earnings bump up to $730, an increase of 32%! 

If you’re among the adults who don’t have a high school diploma, the above statistics give you some real incentive to explore online school as a way to fit adult education into your life. Adult students are the ones who need the greatest flexibility of all regarding when and where they can engage in an education program that moves them toward a high school diploma. And while there aren’t many educational institutions that can fill this niche, Achieve Virtual Academy is one that is available to adult students in the state of Indiana.  

Achieve Virtual Academy: Online High School for Indiana Adult Students

The pathway to getting a better job begins by completing high school. If taking your career and earning power to the next level by getting your high school diploma interests you, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at the educational program opportunity offered by Achieve Virtual Academy. We’ve been helping adult students complete some or all of their high school education without letting the personal obligations get in the way. Each course we offer has been designed by qualified educators and is taught by a real Indiana teacher. 

Yes, there are attendance requirements even in a virtual school, but students have the flexibility to choose both when and where you do your learning. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer, a good internet connection, and a web browser. If you can’t go to night school because you have to put young children to bed and don’t want to pay for babysitting, online high school means you can put the kids to bed and then start studying. If you’re an early bird, you can get up in the morning before the kids and put in an hour or two before you go to work. It’s up to you, but the key is that you have the flexibility you need to move forward and to do so in the setting of your choice at a time that makes sense for you.

Online Learning for Adult Students at Achieve Virtual

Some adults who want to complete their high school education study for and take a high school equivalency (HSE) test, which in the state of Indiana is the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion). But what you get isn’t a standard high school diploma, you get an “equivalent” or HSE diploma. Whether or not employers view an HSE diploma the same way they view a regular high school diploma is open to debate, but why take the chance? Because Achieve Virtual is a fully accredited online high school approved by the Indiana Department of Education, there will be no question what document you receive—it’s a real high school diploma, which is the resource you need to enhance your competitive position in the workforce. Achieve Virtual is the internet learning program where each class you take gets you one step closer to a better life. And perhaps the best thing of all is this: It’s FREE! 

And who knows—once you finish high school through the Achieve Virtual online academy, you might just be inspired to keep going into higher education and enroll in college classes to start working towards an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. This would then open up yet more career opportunities and earning power!

Ready to get started? Check out the Adult Learners page of the Achieve Virtual website. And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us directly. We’re here to help you!