2 people shaking hands across a tableAdult Learners: Job Promotions are a Benefit of Online High School

When you’re an adult without a high school diploma, your job prospects are limited to less than a third of all jobs available. If you’re fortunate enough to have a decent job, your chances of getting promotions will be much higher if you’ve completed high school. Whatever personal reasons have held you back up until now, we want you to know it’s never too late. In the digital era of the twenty-first century, you have the opportunity to enroll in online adult education programs with the flexibility to complete high school and receive a real diploma in the setting of your choice, all while still meeting your personal obligations. For adult learners in any community across the state of Indiana, Achieve Virtual Academy is the online high school that can guide across the finish line, whether you just need a few credits or are starting at the beginning. 

Online Adult Education is Your Ticket to a Better Career

When you have your high school diploma, the number of jobs available to you more than doubles from 27% to 66% of all jobs in the economy. Surprising, right? Most people talk about having a college degree or even an advanced graduate degree, but statistics show only 34% of all jobs in the economy require a college education. This is actually good news for any adult who doesn’t have a high school diploma. Getting it will greatly improve your prospects not just for getting a better-paying job, but also for promotions in whatever job you do have. 

Then again, many adult education programs simply don’t work for today’s adult students. After all, life is busy; you’re working during the day, and in the evening you probably have family obligations that prevent you from attending in-person courses that take place in physical classrooms located outside the home. But this is where the full power of the internet can be leveraged to the advantage of adult students throughout the state of Indiana. Education programs for adult learners that happen online such as Achieve Virtual offer a flexible way for you to pursue your education, from basic classes to fill diploma requirements all the way to advanced courses that get you ready for college.

Don’t Miss Out on Promotions for Lack of a High School Diploma

How many times have you hoped for a promotion in your job only to be passed over? You might be thinking you work as hard as anyone else, including the people who did get promoted. So what’s the difference? It may be impossible to find out for sure, but one possible reason is because you don’t have a high school diploma. Whether or not it’s justified, it is something that employers do look at when deciding who will get promotions and who will not. It’s frustrating to think you might not be advancing in your career because you haven’t completed high school. In the workplace setting, managers and business owners do pay attention to these things. Setting your sights on getting your high school diploma is a great way to show you’re serious about your future and not missing out on the next promotion opportunity.

Is there an opportunity to attend high school classes in your community? If there is, does the format, timing, and location work for you? This is where pursuing the completion of high school breaks down for a lot of adult learners. Many simply have personal obligations that prevent them from attending in-person courses in a physical classroom. Personal circumstances, however, no longer need to stop you from participating in adult education programs. Any adult who lives anywhere in the state of Indiana can enroll in Achieve Virtual Academy’s online high school. Below is a brief guide on how it can work for you.

Completing High School Online with Achieve Virtual

When you make contact with Achieve Virtual to enroll in our adult education classes, one of the first things we’ll do is a complete review of your educational history to see if you have credits that already count toward your high school diploma, then identify which courses you need to take in order to fill in the gaps. 

We’ll also spend some time with you in an advisory capacity to get to know you and help you decide how many classes you can take and while still meeting your personal obligations around work and parenting. If your time is limited, then it’s important to only take on as much coursework as you’re sure you can handle and still meet our attendance guidelines

In general, we know that adult learners who are already in the workforce have unique educational needs that can’t be met in the more traditional approaches to adult education. We understand the unique challenges you face in choosing to pursue your high school diploma at this point in your life and are committed to doing everything in our power to help you achieve your goals. With your positive attitude and our alternative online high school’s rich learning activities, you’ll be on your way to receiving your high school diploma on your terms. 

Get Your High School Diploma and Go for Promotions with Confidence!

Imagine how you’ll feel once you’ve conquered what has seemed like an impossible goal—completing high school and receiving your diploma. Each class you take is another step toward turning the page to a new chapter in your life; one in which lacking a completed high school education is no longer a barrier to promotion in the workplace for you. It’s the first and most important step to improving your job, your life, the life of your family, and your place in the community. And unlike many online schools, accumulating credits toward your diploma with every course you complete won’t cost you a thing. 

If you’re ready to get started, click the Enroll Now button on our website. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help you understand your options.