For Students—How to Register and what to expect:

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Summer School 2016” link and review the general information, when you’re ready click on the “Enroll” or “Enroll Now” button.

3. The New Application will pop up – complete the fields & Hit Submit.

4. Once submitted, your counselor will receive an email directly from the system asking for them to send approval to our Registration email inbox. If your school was not an option in the drop down menu, our administrator will be notified, and reach out to your school and notify the guidance department of the registration instructions (so make sure your school name is entered in the field once “Other” is selected).

5. The email will direct your counselor to send Achieve Registration an approval email notifying Achieve that you are approved to be enrolled in summer school classes, and which specific classes you’re requesting. a. Reminder: You’re only allowed 2 classes/credits for our 7 week summer session b. Until we receive approval (and payment if it’s a non-free course), we will not place you, and you will not be counting towards our 2,000 enrollment limit.

6. Once your counselor responds with the approval, you’ll be enrolled by our office. Once we enroll you into our system (Skyward), you’ll be sent an automated login notice from Skyward that you’ll utilize to set up your login just Skyward, however that is not where your classes will be.

7. You’ll also receive an automated email notification about being entered into your specific course(s) when our office places you into a class in the Wayne Learning Hub. This is confirmation you’re enrolled, but it also includes instructions for you to follow for obtaining your course login information. If you’re in more than 1 class, you only need to follow these email instructions 1 time.

8. At the start of summer school, or possibly the week prior to summer school, teachers will begin to reach out to students to explain how to get started, the grading scale, and any other course specific need to knows that will help the students including the teacher’s office hours and contact information.

9 That’s it, you’re in and good to go for summer school 2016 that begins on June 6th as long as you’ve received the emails verifying you’ve been enrolled in classes.

10. Once we’re full, our website and registration tab will have notification of being full.

**Refunds and / or Dropped Summer Classes: Students have two weeks of summer school to drop their class(es) without receiving an “F” for incompletion and receive a full refund if they take a non-free course

Safe Drop / Refund Deadline is Friday, June 17th at 4:00pm (no refunds after that date).

**Students who do not work in the first 2 weeks will be automatically withdrawn without a grade.

For Parents:

  1. As long as you’re information is entered into the registration documents by you or your student, you will be given access in the Wayne Learning Hub so you can monitor your student’s progress.
    1. Once enrollment is closed and we near the June 6th start date for summer school, an email to all parents who were added to the student’s registration form will be sent out with instructions on how you can login to the Wayne Learning Hub for progress monitoring of your student.