Complete Your High School Diploma Today

For those who were unable to complete high school, adult education provides an important opportunity. But between work and personal obligations, setting time aside to attend a designated class on a regular basis can be challenging.

Online adult classes allow students to take courses on their own terms, from any location where Internet access is available.

Achieve Virtual is an online high school that provides Indiana students the opportunity to complete a high school education virtually.

Certified Indiana teachers provide high-quality instruction through online courses. Best of all, each student works toward a high school diploma rather than a High School Equivalency (HSE), giving adult learners a great addition to their resumes.

Specialized Needs

The unique characteristics of adult learners have prompted Achieve Virtual to create a customized curriculum that meets their specialized needs.

In many cases, adult learners were able to obtain some of the credits they needed but never received a diploma. Achieve Virtual works directly with those students to help determine which courses remain to qualify for a high school degree.

In addition to being able to take courses at whatever time works for them, adult learners also progress at their own pace. This means students can move through adult classes at the speed that’s most comfortable to them, improving their odds of success.

An online high school also has the capacity to serve a larger number of adult education students than a traditional high school, which means you’ll be more likely to be accepted the first time you register.

Benefits of Adult Education

Whether a student is already in the workplace or searching for the perfect job, a high school diploma can make a big difference in a person’s job prospects. Many students find that adult learning gives them upward mobility in their careers.

They are eligible for more promotions, can compete for better jobs, or become eligible to apply to great colleges.

Achieve Virtual’s adult education also includes some classes that are eligible for dual college credit.

With one course, an adult student can satisfy credits toward both high school and college degrees at once. For students interested in progressing to a college education, this is the perfect option.

Support from Educators

Adult students not only have access to great courses they can take at their own pace, but they also receive one-on-one attention from Indiana educators when needed. A school guidance counselor is also provided to help students ensure they’re always on track for graduation.

Students can create a schedule and pace that meets their own unique needs. Because all classes are online, adult education students can even work on their courses while vacationing or visiting family.

For adult learners, one of the biggest benefits of Achieve Virtual’s online high school is that is completely free. At no cost whatsoever, a student can access approved high school courses that will count toward a high school degree.

By taking courses from home at a time most convenient to them, adult education students can continue to work full-time or take care of family members while still achieving the goal of a high school education.