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Virtual Learning: What Is It?

Rear view of boy during virtual learningThe internet has and will continue to transform the learning experience. Virtual learning is when a student receives an education through an electronic device rather than a traditional classroom. Students and educators interact through an online platform that offers the learning features of a physical classroom without the actual physical classroom. 

Students can interact with other students through the virtual setting, unless it is a one-on-one course, and can ask questions and address anything in real-time. Virtual classrooms can accommodate many more students than a traditional classroom due to limited capacity. Virtual schooling allows for customized learning, providing a safe school setting where students can thrive academically and invest in their health, personal preferences, and family life. 

Virtual learning is breaking down barriers that have previously been built. Whether it’s access to a good education or the ability to customize their learning experience, students can gain it all through online schooling. Technology is being used to reach students all over, not only in the state of Indiana but all over the world. 

In a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, the published data shows that students who took part or all of their classes online performed better on average than students who took the same courses through a traditional in-person setting. Virtual learning can allow further access for students and lower the overall costs of education.    

The Benefits of Virtual Education

There are many benefits for both students and parents regarding virtual education. Some aspects may be more beneficial to others, but several benefits impact all virtual learning students. The first benefit is the flexibility that online schooling allows. Whether mornings are not a good learning time for a student or have work in the afternoon that they cannot miss, a virtual learning schedule can fit what works best for the student and the parent or guardian.

The flexibility of a virtual classroom also relates to the ability to attend class anywhere. As long as there is an internet connection and a computer, students can partake in a virtual course. Students can work from anywhere, at any time. This customized learning is a major benefit of virtual education. Each student’s specific learning style can be met through a customized education. The flexibility allows students more time to pursue hobbies or extracurriculars. With such a flexible schedule, students can join more outside of school.

Virtual learning allows students to get one-on-one support from online educators when they need a little extra help in a certain subject area. Even if the student cannot be with the teacher in a physical classroom, they have the option to reach out and communicate anytime they need help. Achieve Virtual’s teachers encourage students to build a relationship with them to feel comfortable enough to reach out for any help they may need.  

Learning in a virtual setting rather than an in-person classroom may be better suited for some students. Traditional schools can breed social, behavioral, and mental health issues. A virtual school environment allows a student to thrive without the pressures of all of these issues. Social pressures alone can cause a student to retrogress. Virtual education allows students to take control of their social interactions, keeping them more positive. 

Traditional schools have limited parental engagement, whereas a virtual learning setting allows for more engagement. Parents or guardians can be more involved if they wish to be. Parents used to drop their students at a traditional school and have limited interaction throughout the day. Still, online learning allows parents and students to have more daily interaction, encouraging a healthier relationship. 

Benefits of Virtual Learning in Elementary School

Grades K through 6 is an important time in a child’s development. Virtual learning in elementary school allows for inclusivity and accessibility to increase. Children at young ages can be extremely shy, especially when they’re just beginning to learn how to handle social interactions. A virtual school setting allows shy students to participate more easily because there is less pressure.

Accessibility to education has historically been limited and out of people’s control. Sometimes a child doesn’t live near a good school, or a parent’s financial means don’t allow for the best education. Access to highly qualified instructors can also be difficult to gain access to. Virtual learning allows for easy access. Children in elementary school can gain a solid education from qualified teachers no matter where they are. Achieve Virtual is tuition-free, allowing students from all financial backgrounds to access education.    

The technical skills learned through virtual learning are skills that can be taken with the child through their whole life. If the child can learn these skills at a younger age, their knowledge will only increase. It also sets them up to be more independent, which can be difficult for children at this young age to work on.  

Benefits of Virtual Learning in Middle School

There are several benefits to virtual learning in middle school. Kids can learn at their own pace and learn to be disciplined. The freedom of virtual learning allows the student room to follow guidelines and learn responsibility. Parents can take more of an active role in their child’s education as supervision increases. 

While you may think that not having a teacher physically in a classroom with the students can take away from supervision, online learning allows the teacher to focus on each student. Virtual middle school students are pushed to connect deeper with their teacher and their family.   

Benefits of Virtual Learning in High School

Virtual learning in high school is especially pivotal for students. High school is one of the most formative times during a child’s life, and their experience can set them up for life. Students can work whenever, wherever, which can allow them to have a job that can be important for students in high school. 

Students that attend Achieve Virtual high school can take courses in a subject that interests them. Students can sometimes fall behind on subjects when they are not interested in them at all, but virtual learning allows them to take courses that they are interested in, which sets them up for better success. Students can also pursue interests in a virtual classroom that would otherwise not be supported in a traditional classroom. For example, Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers technology courses and business and career courses that are not available in a traditional high school.

The ability to interact virtually is also a skill that can carry with them for the rest of their lives. As the workforce continues to become more technologically driven, students who hone their virtual interaction skills will thrive in these virtual settings in the real world. 

Learned independence is an additional benefit of virtual learning. Without the rigidity of a traditional schedule or a teacher in the classroom physically, students are pushed to become more responsible for their education. When a student is thriving in a virtual setting, they have accomplished something greater than just education—they’ve accomplished the ability to take control of their future.  

Virtual Schooling in Indiana

Achieve Virtual Education Academy is operated by the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis. We are backed by over a decade of online learning experience in addition to the district’s rich academic history. The academy first set out to help students who needed additional course credits; however, we now offer full-time schooling for grades 7|8 and high school. 

Our teachers at Achieve Virtual are passionate and committed to helping all their students achieve academic and personal success. They are fully licensed and highly qualified to teach their subject area. Achieve’s accreditation was received through the Indiana Department of Education, and our courses meet the curriculum learning and assessment standards of the state of Indiana.

Enrolling at Achieve Virtual Education Academy

Whether a student requires additional credits to get their diploma, or you’re looking to enroll your child in an online school full-time, enrollment information can be found anywhere on Achieve Virtual’s website. You can also contact us by phone or email to gain access to our resources or have any of your questions or concerns addressed. 

We offer high-quality online education to elementary, middle school, and high school students. With flexible classes, free tuition, and teachers who want to help, we strive to help students achieve everything they know they’re capable of. There is access to something for everyone at Achieve Virtual Education Academy. 

Our counselor and teachers can work with you and your child to find a customized education plan that can be adapted to your family, helping your child build more confidence and receive the best education possible in a safe setting that can accommodate any student.

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