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For Parents

Certain courses such as electives for High School are in an asynchronous schedule. Students can choose electives based on their interests. The following is what is available by grade level.

  • Art – by choice/interest for each grade level, 1 semester
  • Spanish I (1 high school credit per semester) – by choice for 8th graders only who qualify – at
  • least a B average in Language Arts grades in 7th grade
  • Physical Education – 1 semester in 7th grade, 1 semester for 8th grade
  • Health – 1 semester in 7th grade, 1 semester for 8th grade
  • Business Computer Tech – 2 semesters in 7th grade, 2 semesters in 8th grade

Asynchronous courses do not have live lesson time with teachers. Each course has a teacher helping students who need it, working to find students who fall behind, and maintaining grading and communication through the process. Students are empowered to work on courses on their own time outside of the 9:45-1:24 time period each day.

We recommend that students focus their time in their enrolled electives between 8am and 9:45am or 2:00pm-3:30pm. Students can complete these courses as quickly as they can get through them, but must complete them before the end of the semester for a passing grade. The elective courses mimic how our high school classes work at Achieve Virtual 9-12.

Core classes are still rigid with live teachers every day.

Student Experience

For each student, there are multiple pathways to success. Students may accelerate their learning or fit additional courses into their class schedule if they choose.

If your student cannot attend regular school due to illness, disciplinary issues or because they have other responsibilities during the school day, we have flexibility to work with you toward success. Students who are falling behind are able to recover credits and still graduate on time.

Who can apply?

Achieve Virtual maintains an open enrollment policy and all students are encouraged to apply. It is our policy not to discriminate based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, or disability which is unrelated to the ability to enjoy the benefits of Achieve Virtual’s programs.

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