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Welcome parents! We want your child’s experience in Achieve Virtual Education Academy to be a good one. It’s important to know how to compare online high school options.

All classes are created and taught by highly qualified Indiana teachers. The curriculum is backed by the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township’s rich academic history and 12 years of online learning experience.

A solution that fits many situations – Wayne Township Schools began offering online education in 1999 to help our students have multiple pathways to academic success. Online education is an excellent solution for:

  • Students to accelerate their learning or fit more courses into an already-crowded class schedule
  • Students who are falling behind to recover credits and graduate on time
  • Students who cannot attend regular school due to illness, disciplinary issues or because they have other responsibilities during the school day.
  • Fifth- or sixth-year seniors working toward graduation
  • Home-schooled students to take advanced courses you may not feel qualified to teach yourself.

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