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Why Virtual?

The last few years have introduced so many families to the benefits of online learning. Many have also experienced the challenges that come with remote learning as well. Achieve Virtual offers what most schools cannot. Backed by over a decade of experience in delivering a virtual learning experience, Achieve Virtual is able to deliver learning that is adapted to the needs of each student.

To meet Indiana’s rigorous graduation requirements, students can select from an expansive range of courses including math, language arts, science, business and career, fine arts, and social studies. Elective courses prepare high school students to explore subjects that interest them and could help prepare them for college. AP, Honors, and Core40 Indiana diplomas are available.

We offer personal interaction with teachers and fellow classmates, and a program that helps students build confidence and independence, all while removing some of the social pressures of in-person schooling. If you’re concerned about your student’s success, talk to our team of educators about how we can adapt our program to what you need to be successful.

At Achieve Virtual, each student is an important part of our history as a school. We’re glad you’re here.

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