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A Solution For Bullied Students

Online School – A Solution for Bullied Students

Bullying seems to be a social epidemic in the U.S. – to the point it’s unfortunately considered part of the high school experience. There are very few people who’ve gone through high school without having bullied others or being bullied themselves. Some may think that it builds character and that there’s no harm in facing a bit of adversity.

But the fact is, bullying can leave its mark on a person for an entire lifetime. It can even lead to disastrous consequences like depression, anxiety disorders, or in extreme cases, suicide.

Facts About Bullying

Bullying happens in every school, at every grade-level. As a parent, you want your child to feel comfortable, but in traditional high schools, anyone who’s different can be an object of bullying.

According to the latest statistics:

  • 20% of high school students were bullied in 2014
  • 70.6% of the teenagers questioned have witnessed bullying in the schools
  • Of these, 30% admitted to bullying others
  • 83% girls and 79% boys are bullied in school
  • 75% of school shootings are linked to bullying endured by the shooter

No one is really immune to bullying and can be targeted at any time. However, some students are more vulnerable than others.

  • Students with learning disabilities like ADHD or Dyslexia
  • Students diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism
  • Students who appeared physically weak or were overweight
  • Students with different sexual orientation and identity

According to reports, 160,000 students skip class every day because they don’t want to be bullied – and 1 in 10 students opt to drop out of school because of it.

How Online School Can Help

When your children are studying with Achieve, they still have various opportunities to interact with other students and socialize. However, they’re not forced to keep company with people who don’t treat them with respect. They don’t need to share classes with bullies, or meet them face to face in corridors and cafeterias.

Your children don’t need to hide themselves or try to fit into a mold. They’re free to be true to themselves away from the social pressures of high school. One of the primary reasons a child bullies is to become more popular. Online school removes that from the equation – so even students who may have bullied others have no reason to.

Achieve Virtual gives students the opportunity to escape that hostile environment and grow comfortably into well-rounded individuals. If you would like more information about socialization and interactions in a virtual school environment, contact us today.

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