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Enrolling in Achieve Virtual Education Academy

Serious teenage boy reading students book on tablet computer for virtual learningOnline education is becoming increasingly more popular, especially in today’s climate. It’s a way for students to thrive academically in a safe and comfortable environment—their home. Registration for the 2022 summer semester is available for students starting on April 5th. Each course on every level is taught by an Indiana-certified teacher whose goal is to help students achieve everything they know they’re capable of. Whether you’re looking for credit recovery or full-time enrollment, click enroll now or begin an application on our website today. 

What to Expect

Achieve Virtual’s programs offer the same academic rigor as a traditional school, whether your child will be entering Kindergarten or high school. Our educators offer quality time, a rigorous curriculum, and engaging activities for students to build school pride and relationships with other students and their teachers. 

As a virtual school, we provide a flexible learning environment for students while still maintaining performance and attendance expectations. Students are expected to attend classes according to our attendance policy, communicate in the case they are unable to attend, and follow all policies of the MSD of Wayne Township. Achieve Virtual has received accreditation from the Indiana Department of education. Therefore all courses meet the learning and assessment standards of Indiana.     

We have been providing virtual learning to students for over a decade, which is why we know your child’s safety and success are a top priority. Achieve Virtual offers many different school courses that meet all requirements for education in Indiana. Whether you’re looking for courses that can work as a supplement to a traditional school, or certain credits, need to be recovered over the summer, or you’re looking to enroll your child in a full-time online school, Achieve Virtual can provide what you need. 

Students that attend Achieve Virtual receive a competitive education, with licensed teachers that are highly qualified in their subject area. We strive to uphold certain educational standards, and we ask you to thrive with us. While online school may have a certain reputation, we work to show that it is just as rigorous and beneficial to students as any traditional school. We want each of our students to succeed, and we work to provide all the resources possible to make it happen. 

The Benefits

There are many different benefits to online education, both academically and personally. One of the main benefits is the ability for students to learn in accordance with their learning style. Traditional schools offer a rigid environment and learning style, which can cause some students to sink instead of swim. We work with each of our students to focus more time on subjects where they struggle so that they don’t get left behind. 

Virtual learning also takes the social anxiety out of schooling, instead offering a comfortable learning environment. Traditional schools can breed behavioral issues, mental health issues, and other issues that coincide with the high-pressure environment. Achieve Virtual offers education without any of these issues to focus on their academics without all the pressure that comes with a traditional school. 

While an online school does not offer the in-person social aspects, Achieve Virtual still provides social interaction for all our students. We plan activities for students and encourage them to build relationships outside the virtual classroom. The flexible schedule allows students more time for extracurricular activities where their social interactions can thrive. 

The virtual learning environment additionally allows for more parent involvement. You drop your child off at a traditional school and have limited interaction with them during school hours, and virtual learning allows parents to be more involved in their child’s learning but is not required. 

The Application Process

There is an application process to enroll in Achieve Virtual Education Academy. Families interested in online school can begin the application on our website by clicking the enroll button on our homepage when registration is open. Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian create an account. 

The courses we offer fall into the following categories:

  • Business & Career
  • Health & P.E.
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Fine Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages
  • Technology 

The courses selected will follow the state of Indiana’s curriculum requirements. Still, we offer courses that allow students to pursue interests that would otherwise not be allowed in a traditional school. 

Why Choose Achieve Virtual Education Academy?

Online education has come so far and is ever-evolving. We have provided quality education online at Achieve Virtual for more than a decade. Our passionate teachers and thriving students inspire us to continue. Education is one of the most important things you can give your child, and we respect that. At the same time, we work to give each student what they need for them to succeed. 

The future of education looks more and more like us every day, and we strive to keep up with it. At Achieve Virtual, we offer a modern approach to traditional education. From our highly educated staff to our course list to our resources offered for students and parents to help them better understand online schooling, working with today’s technology allows for more flexibility and a safer way for students to gain an education.

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