Fall 2023 Registration is Now Closed

2022 Spring Online High School Registration Open Dec 1st

As online education becomes more popular and necessary, you may be noticing that it is the best choice for your student. You can register for Achieve Virtual’s 2022 spring semester on December 1st, 2021. Space is limited as each course is taught by an Indiana state-certified educator working to help your child achieve academic success, whether through credit recovery or full-time enrollment. Click enroll now or begin applying to anyone on our webpage to get started. 

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Enrolling in Achieve Virtual Education Academy

Enrollment in the spring semester at Achieve Virtual is expected to continue to grow. While you may be new to virtual learning, we have been doing it for more than a decade, working to help students succeed. Achieve Virtual offers several courses that all meet the requirements to receive a high school diploma in Indiana. 

Students are also given the option to enroll in dual credit courses. These courses allow the student to earn high school credit and college credit through the same course. The college credit is given through Vincennes University. It is on the Core Transfers Library, making it easy to transfer the credit once the student enrolls in college after high school. 

In addition to dual credit courses, Achieve Virtual offers many Advanced Placement (AP) classes. These are high school courses that follow a college-level curriculum in accordance with the college board. These AP courses provide college credit at the end of the year as long as the student passes the end-of-year exam. 

At Achieve Virtual, we know that your child’s safety is a top priority. Even as schools begin opening again for students and certain things are starting to go back to normal, the Pandemic isn’t over. Online schooling can be a great alternative if you or your child doesn’t feel safe going back to a traditional school. 

Academic Opportunities at Achieve Virtual

High school students are offered a robust course schedule at Achieve Virtual. In addition, the courses offered can be used as a supplement to traditional high school if your child needs to recover certain credits that were lost.

Across nine subject areas, Achieve Virtual offers a variety of courses. The core subjects offered include English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and World Language. Additional subjects offered are Fine Arts, World Language, and other electives such as Creative Writing, Business Math, Psychology, and Earth/Space. Visit our online high school courses page to find a complete list of the course selection

If your student is only in need of a few credits, they can enroll part-time and take the needed courses. For part-time enrollment, there is a fee per course that must be paid. However, a student’s school district may help with this payment if you inquire about it. For those looking to achieve their high school education in its entirety online, full-time student enrollment is free of charge at Achieve Virtual. 

Achieve Virtual also offers opportunities for adult learners. Some people realize the importance of a high school education later in life. Achieve Virtual makes it easy to take a few classes and earn the credits necessary to get that high school diploma. These credits work towards a diploma, not a High School Equivalency Certificate.       

Learning in an Online Classroom 

Achieve Virtual has received its accreditation from the Indiana Department of Education. Therefore all courses are offered to meet the curriculum learning and assessment standards of Indiana. While some people may think that online schooling is somehow more accessible than traditional high school, this accreditation exhibits otherwise. Students enrolled at Achieve Virtual are receiving a competitive education. Our teachers are fully licensed, in addition to being highly qualified to teach each subject area. 

As Achieve Virtual upholds certain educational standards, online high school may not be for everyone. While some students may thrive with the freedom and flexibility of online education, others may not. Students that will thrive are organized, communicative, self-disciplined, and prepared. We want each student to succeed, so you may want to find out more about whether online schooling is right for you before moving forward.   

Why Choose Achieve Virtual Education Academy? 

As online education emerged alongside the internet, it has evolved throughout the years. Achieve Virtual has been serving quality online high school programming for over a decade and is pushing to continue well into the future. With the help of our passionate teachers, each student receives the one-on-one support they need to succeed.

A high school education is an essential step in a student’s life. It opens doors to higher education and more job opportunities. Sometimes a student struggles within the traditional high school setting. Sometimes a student finds it challenging to adhere to the rigid traditional high school schedule. With the ability to take online courses anywhere and anytime, students can create a schedule that works for them, not against them. 

A common misconception with online schooling is that there is a chance of social isolation. At Achieve Virtual, there are plenty of opportunities for peer interaction. Students are encouraged to socialize and collaborate with their peers every day. They may not be seeing their peers daily, but they can still interact any time they wish to.  

The flexible schedule also makes it easy for students to maintain friendships outside of school through extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or jobs. In addition, online education takes the stress out of social interactions.    

The Achieve Virtual website offers resources and information to help students and parents better understand online high school. Working with the technology of today allows for more flexibility and a safer way to gain an education. You can call us directly at (317) 739-4276 to have your questions answered and concerns addressed so you can get started on your child’s spring online high school 2022 registration. 

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