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Tips for Having an Excellent Summer School Experience

If summer school is on your agenda after school gets out this year, then you’ll want to know about these tips and our advice for having an excellent summer school experience. If you’re considering taking summer school through Achieve Virtual Education Academy, mark your calendars now because the registration process goes live on Tuesday, April […]

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High School Summer Semester Benefits

If you’re like most teenaged students, your idea of summer does not include going to your school’s campus or taking classes. But when you realize the kinds of summer semester benefits to be gained, you might just change your mind.  Why Sign Up for Online Summer High School? There are two broad reasons why you […]

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Tips for Students on How to Adapt to Virtual Learning

In spite of the welcome and hopeful news of COVID-19 vaccines beginning to roll out, the rise in new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths continues to proceed at an alarmingly exponential rate. This has led to schools all over the U.S. going back to fully remote learning or a hybrid model in which a student will […]

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Staying Motivated in the Winter Months: Tips for Students

Winter is tough. We get it. When the cold weather sets in and the days get shorter and shorter, it gets harder and harder to crawl out of bed for another day of learning in school, whether you’re doing it in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid model that includes both. Staying motivated in the winter […]

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Registration Now Open for Spring 2021 Online School

Schools everywhere are still struggling to manage classes in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid approach. If online classes feel safer for your high school student, act quickly to secure a spot at Achieve Virtual. Registration is now open for spring 20221 online school! Every course offered through our virtual campus is taught by a real […]

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Spring 2021 Registration Opens in December

Mark your calendars now if you want your high school student to secure a spot in the next semester at Achieve Virtual! Our online high school spring registration will open on December 1. Keep in mind that space is limited. Full-time registrations tend to fill up faster than part-time, so plan to act early if […]

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Choosing a Laptop for Online High School

How high schools across the nation are dealing with delivering instruction to students while the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic continues varies widely. But the common thread for most is that some amount of education will be online, and any given school may have to suddenly go all-remote if an outbreak occurs. With more online […]

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Registration is Now Open for Fall 2020 Online High School

Whether you’re looking for a way your high school student can make up one or more missing academic credits or are looking for a full-time education option that is safer than physically returning to class during the pandemic, any high school student in any community in the state of Indiana can enroll now in Achieve […]

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Students Can Boost Online Learning with Virtual School Apps

High school students attending online school (and let’s face it, that’s just about every student in the country right now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic) can give themselves a leg up by taking advantage of some of the many educational apps to boost their learning. A variety of supportive virtual school apps can help any […]

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Online High School Diploma

Achieve Virtual 2020 Virtual Graduation

Frequently Asked Questions about our 2020 Virtual Graduation WATCH THE LIVE CEREMONY ON JUNE 6, 2020 at 1:30 PM: Why are we having a virtual graduation? The administration of the Wayne Township schools believes that the hard work of our seniors deserves to be honored despite the current isolation period that we are facing […]

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Register for Summer 2021 Courses starting April 6th

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