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Take Note: 2021 Summer School Enrollment Open Now

Time is running out if you want to take advantage of the Achieve Virtual summer school program this year. Registration has been open for several weeks and will close on May 7. Whether you need summer school for credit recovery or want to get ahead, now is the time to start the enrollment process before it closes for the 2021 summer session. Learn more in our online 2021 Summer School Session brochure, including a course listing of 30 different classes offered completely free of charge.

Summer School with Achieve Virtual Education Academy

When you realize you need or want to take summer school classes but wish there were more flexibility around when and where you take courses, the quality remote learning options offered by Achieve Virtual online programs are what you need. We’ve been offering online high school education courses for more than a decade and know how to do it right. Sign up before registration closes on May 7 and be sure to check out our recent blog article, Tips for Having an Excellent Summer School Experience to get the most out of our 2021 summer session. The maximum number of classes you can take during our single summer session is two. The dates for the summer session run from June 7 to July 23.

Who Needs Online Summer School?

There are two primary groups of students who may be considering signing up for summer school. If you’re a student who needs to make up a credit or class or two in order to graduate on time, summer school is a credit recovery option you may need. But what if the course you need isn’t offered at a time or place convenient to your summer schedule? The main advantage of Achieve Virtual online summer programs is the flexibility you get to do your learning when and where suits you best. All you need is a good laptop computer and a reliable internet connection. You can learn from the comfort of your home or anyplace with free WiFi, which means you get to set your summer schedule. 

The other group of learners who consider summer school are students who want to get ahead on their high school education. They might want to finish early if they can, or they may want to enhance their transcript for college admissions. This may include taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes or perhaps dual-credit courses, both of which can translate into college or university credit. This group of students will also benefit from the flexibility of the Achieve Virtual program so they can fit summer school in around their schedule. Note that some courses do require a modest tuition fee. See our High School Summer Semester Benefits article for more information. 

Achieve Virtual Education Academy: A Trusted Online Learning Partner

As the first online high school program approved in the state of Indiana, we are proud of the quality online instruction we’ve offered to high school students throughout the state for more than a decade. Every class is taught by a real Indiana teacher who is not only certified to teach in their subject area but is also passionate about seeing their students succeed. Families can rest easy knowing their high school student will get all the one-on-one support needed as they progress through each class. Remember, registration for the 2021 summer session will close on May 7, so don’t delay—start the enrollment process now. If you have any questions or concerns about how Achieve Virtual online classes work, please feel free to call us at 317-988-7144 and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

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