Our Goals

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Goals of Achieve Virtual

At Achieve Virtual, we are dedicated to students who want to pursue their high school diploma and are motivated to complete high school experience in an alternative manner than the traditional setting.

We created Achieve Virtual with the following goals and values in mind:

  • Provide an alternative pathway for students to earn a high school diploma in a manner that better meets the needs and challenges of their life.
  • Allow students in a traditional high school to take dual-credit, advanced placement and other needed courses based on their individual graduation needs.
  • Provide an economical education to students who are hospitalized, homebound, or incarcerated to allow them to stay on track to graduate from high school.\
  • Increase the graduation rate of students who have encountered life-changing situations.
  • Provide educational opportunities to students who have not graduated and are fifth-, sixth-year seniors and beyond.
  • Provide flexible programming for students who wish to accelerate learning to enter college or the workforce earlier.
  • Be the Advanced Placement and Dual Credit online provider for schools not currently able to offer these courses.
  • Utilizing Data Teams in Math and Language Arts to help focus instructional strategies on those that most impact online learning, specifically in Algebra I and English 10 content.
  • Offer an online environment and community with more student to student and parent to teacher interaction using social networking and blogs within our classes through My Big Campus.

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