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Indiana Online High School Courses

Online high school courses are a great way for high schoolers and adult learners to earn credits when it’s most convenient for them. But free online high school courses can also serve as a supplement to traditional high school classes, allowing students to accelerate graduation, make up for lost credits, or begin working toward a college degree.

Achieve Virtual is the only fully virtual site offered by an Indiana school district. The online high school courses at Achieve Virtual are fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education, giving students the confidence they need that each class will count toward a high school diploma.

Graduate Early

For various reasons, some students find they’d like to graduate early. Online high school courses are especially ideal for advanced placement (AP) students, who can get a degree early and move on to college. Achieve Virtual also offers online courses for high school that provide credit toward both high school graduation and a college degree. These credits will transfer to many colleges, allowing students to save time and money on a college education.

If you have any questions regarding a topic or how it relates to your graduation needs, please contact our counselor Mrs. Stephanie Rose through email or at 317-988-8470.

Recover Credits

In some instances, students find a failed course or missed class time puts them off track for on-time graduation. These courses allow such students to attend online high school courses free on their own free time in order to make sure they’re present to receive their diploma alongside other graduates.

Summer School

Achieve Virtual is transforming the definition of summer school, letting students take online high school courses from the comfort of their homes. Courses can even be taken while on a family vacation, with only an Internet connection required. Online high school courses are taught by certified Indiana educators, giving students one-on-one learning assistance that will help them reach their goals.

Complete Education from Home

For various reasons, sometimes a student simply cannot finish high school. Through Achieve Virtual’s free online high school courses, that student can take the classes necessary to graduate from home. Instead of having to be at school Monday through Friday, a student can take courses when it’s most convenient, from anywhere that an Internet connection is available.

Test Preparation

Preparing for college can be stressful for young students, many of whom already have enough stress from existing coursework. In addition to its online courses for high school, Achieve Virtual offers test preparation courses, including courses to prepare students to take the SAT and ACT. By giving students the best chance possible of acing those tests, Achieve Virtual offers the opportunity for students to get into the college they choose. Achieve Virtual also offers End of Course Assessment (ECA) support for students who failed Algebra I, Language Arts 10, or Biology I ECA exams.

By enrolling in Achieve Virtual’s online high school courses, students receive the benefit of an Indiana high school education without having to be in class throughout the day. For any student in search of a high school education, these online courses for high school students are a great alternative to traditional learning.

Educational Planning Forms

Course Selection Sheet

The following documents are class selection forms for you and your parents to help you determine what you need in order to graduate. Please make sure to work with our counselor as she will ultimately approve or deny your requests based on your child’s academic needs.

This first document will show you what classes you need in order to graduate with a Core 40 diploma and/or an Academic Honors diploma. You may print and fill out as needed.

The color/bolded courses are mandatory, all other classes can be chosen based on your interest and need. This document also displays how many credits you need in each content area as well as lists other content specific electives so you can plan out your academic pathway.

Student Planning Sheet

This second document is a form you can print and complete as you map out your educational pathway with us at Achieve.

This document can be used to help you organize your educational plan along with your counselor so you can determine if you are on track to graduate with your 4 year cohort and decide what classes you still need in order to meet your graduation requirements.

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