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Online High School Dual Credit Classes

Dual Credit courses through Achieve are courses that students not only earn high school credit, but also college credit through Vincennes University. We are striving hard to make sure the course offerings we have are on the Core Transfer Library for colleges making it easier to transfer the earned college credit to a school of your choosing. These courses are rigorous and up to college level standards similar to those of an AP class. The online Dual Credit Courses are created by Vincennes University staff members, not Indiana classroom teachers. Please also know that the Learning Management System is also different as the Dual Credit classes are taught using Blackboard (the rest of our high school curriculum is built on Angel).
A couple of things to note:

  • The Dual Credit course fees are listed below.
    • There is no charge for Wayne Township students.
    • There is no charge for full-time Achieve Virtual Education Academy students.
    • Part-time and summer school students will be charged $325 per class, plus students will be responsible for purchasing their own required textbook (prices vary). Textbooks can be purchased through Vincennes University’s online bookstore. Cost breakdown: $250 for the high school credit, plus $75 for the 3 college credits from Vincennes University = $325 (does not include textbook price).
  • Dual Credit courses have prerequisites. The student will need to work with their counselor to be sure they meet the pre-requisites for each course as determined by Vincennes University.
    • To view each Dual Credit Course’s non-negotiable pre-requisites, click on the course links below.
    • Some courses require an SAT or ACCUPLACER (standardized Vincennes test) score. The ACCUPLACER test can be scheduled through our office and through Vincennes testing locations around the state. We will assist you to determine the testing location closest to you during scheduling. Ben Davis High School is the primary testing site, but other test locations can be found here.
    • Work with the Achieve office for any other verification needs.
    • NOTE: Students who need to take the ACCUPLACER test to meet the pre-requisites will have ONE opportunity per school year to meet the passing score. If a student fails to meet the passing score on the first time taking the test, the student will have to wait until the following school year to retake the ACCUPLACER.
    • For more information about the ACCUPLACER, visit
  • Each Dual Credit course through Vincennes is an online course utilizing the Learning Management System, Blackboard. However, there are also textbooks that are required by Vincennes University for each course. Non-Wayne Township students will be responsible for purchasing their own textbooks through Vincennes University or other book selling resource. Each course syllabus has specific textbook information with a web link to the Vincennes online book store for purchasing information.
Math 102 College Algebra

1 Semester – 1 High School Credit (Algebra II-1 or Algebra II-2 or Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry)
3 Vincennes College Credits
Grades 11-12

English Composition
1 Semester – 1 High School Credit (English 11-1, English 11-2, English 12-1, or English 12-2)
3 Vincennes College Credits
Grades 11-12
Introduction to Literature
1 Semester – 1 High School Credit (Am. Literature 1-1, Am. Literature 1-2, English Literature 1-1, or English Literature 1-2)
3 Vincennes College Credits
Grades 11-12
Spanish 101
1 Semester – 1 High School Credit – 4 Vincennes College Credits
Grades 11-12
Introduction to Computer Concepts
1 Semester – 1 Credit – 3 Vincennes College Credits
Grades 9-12
No Prerequisite

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