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Indiana Online High School for English Language Learners

Students who have just moved into the country and haven’t yet grasped the language sometimes find it difficult to adjust to the traditional schooling experience. In fact, the schooling period may become traumatic and disheartening for them. At Achieve Virtual, we offer the option of allowing them to study online.


Sending an unprepared child to high school may compromise the educational experience. In some cases, it may be a good idea to introduce English language learners to their new language and the new mode of instruction more gently. Although many experts believe students learn a language more quickly by immersion, there are cases where a more shelter approach is the better one.

Some students learn better through a visual medium and a slower pace. In such cases, an online school can help. Parents can introduce their children to the new language gently and allow them to develop some proficiency before enrolling them in a traditional high school.


If you’re in the country for a brief period of time, it might simply be easier to enroll your student into online classes.

Online schooling doesn’t expose the children into an unfamiliar high school culture that can be very difficult for your young English language learner. With online schooling, a student can learn the language, and continue education, without dealing with the social problems that come with traditional high school experiences.

Better Understanding

Different children have different capabilities, especially when it comes to languages. If students are behind or ahead of the current curriculum and find themselves without motivation, they may struggle to learn a new language while being ahead in the syllabus.

In the traditional school systems, there’s very little scope for mobility in such cases. However, in an online school, your children can learn at their pace and be constantly motivated to improve.

Social Pressure

Ideally, you hope that your child might find a friend or two to help him navigate the new language and deal with the coursework, but that’s not always possible. Peer pressure, social status, and bullying are rife in high school corridors and that can be a bad experience for your child. This is especially true if he doesn’t speak English and is struggling to learn.

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