Attending Our Indiana Online High School

Getting Started

Once you are enrolled as a student at Achieve Virtual Education Academy, you may have questions about class procedures, how to get help, and where to find resources. See below for much of the information that you will need to be successful at Achieve Virtual.

To begin, you will need to log in to http://achievevirtual.org. You should receive an automatic email with this information once you are registered. From this homepage, you can view important information, announcements, and a list of your courses.

For more specific information about accessing your classes and getting started, the following resource has lots of information for new students.


Achieve Virtual Course Navigation

AVE Student Pic 5Another great place to start for new students is the Student Orientation Center. We encourage all new students to complete this mini-course before beginning classwork. The Orientation Center will walk students through navigating the learning environment, tracking grades, technology requirements and troubleshooting, and tips for a successful online school experience. To join, click on the following link, select the Join with Code button at the top, and type in gwtn5u0w.

Achieve Virtual Student Orientation Center

How to Get Assistance

Every teacher’s contact information is on the home page of their group. This is the first place for students and parents to go when they have questions. Our teachers are informative and can help with many questions that you may have.

Contact our office at 317-988-7144 if your teacher cannot troubleshoot the problem. Either our office staff or our technology support staff (michele.eaton@wayne.k12.in.us) will be able to assist you.

Media Resources

Because Achieve Virtual Education Academy is a public high school, we have all of the features of a traditional school. This includes a librarian and several media resources. To view the Wayne Township Media Resources page, click on the link below.

Wayne Media Resources

Any questions about our media resources or library should be directed to the Achieve Virtual media specialist, Dana Lile (dana.lile@wayne.k12.in.us).