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Free Online High School

How Much Does Our Online High School Cost?

A high school education serves as a minimum requirement for most job opportunities and college admissions, but many students find that completing four years of high school isn’t an option. For those students, we’ve created Achieve Virtual, a free online high school that allows students to get the credits they need to graduate.

Full time enrolled students who enroll in Achieve only and are scheduled into 5 or more classes each semester will be considered full time students. Full time students do not have any tuition cost (it’s FREE).

Students who are looking to take one or two classes or are enrolled in another school and want to take extra classes through Achieve will be charged $250 per semester class and $325 for Dual Credit classes. All current MSD of Wayne Township students can take Achieve Virtual courses for free (this included, Ben Davis students, Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center students, and Ben Davis University students).

Achieve Virtual is the only service of its type in Indiana, giving students free online high school courses on their own terms. Classwork can be done at any time, from any location that has an internet connection.

If a student wants to attend courses after work, in the middle of the night, or during traditional school hours, Achieve Virtual’s free online high school classes make it easy.

Working Toward Graduation

Many students who choose a free online high school are unable to attend school full-time. They may have homeschooled from a young age or simply stopped being able to go to class each day. Achieve Virtual allows students to attend high school online free to complete the semesters they need in order to get a diploma.

Many students attend free high school online in order to complete their required coursework.

Achieve Virtual’s free online high school can replace summer school or make up for those final credits to help students get a complete education. Each course is taught by a professional Indiana educator to public school specifications to ensure all students are on the right track at all times.

Returning Students

AVE Student Pic 2Some students realize the importance of a high school graduation after reaching adulthood. For those students, our free online high school classes will help connect them with the credits they need to earn a diploma. These credits count toward an actual high school diploma, not a High School Equivalency Certificate, which looks better on resumes and job applications.

Because a free online high school allows students to progress at their own pace, Achieve Virtual is an ideal solution for working adults.

Instead of spending their days off in a classroom, adult learners can attend free high school online at home, in between other obligations. Courses can be taken before or after work, during lunch breaks, or late at night.

A free online high school gives students the opportunity to gain the education they need to achieve their goals in life. With flexible hours and Indiana educators helping, Achieve Virtual is the best option for Indiana students in need of an alternative high school option.

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