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Celebrating 10 Years of Online High School at Achieve Virtual

An online high school program that would allow any student from anywhere in the state of Indiana, whether a teenager or an adult, to get the education they need on terms that work better for them than traditional school was the vision that inspired the creation of Achieve Virtual Education Academy a decade ago. With […]

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Strategies for Online Schooling that Keep Students Engaged

Summer is winding down and the beginning of a new school year is just around the corner, along with much uncertainty about how it will go. With no end to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic in sight, the online learning environment is going to once again be front-and-center for many students in schools all […]

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Choosing a Laptop for Online High School

How high schools across the nation are dealing with delivering instruction to students while the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic continues varies widely. But the common thread for most is that some amount of education will be online, and any given school may have to suddenly go all-remote if an outbreak occurs. With more online […]

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How is Online High School Viewed by College Admissions?

Any high school student interested in attending college is probably wondering how institutions of higher education view online high school. Will it be a pro or a con on applications? A class here or there is one thing, but what about a student decides to take all their high school classes through a virtual education […]

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Registration is Now Open for Fall 2020 Online High School

Whether you’re looking for a way your high school student can make up one or more missing academic credits or are looking for a full-time education option that is safer than physically returning to class during the pandemic, any high school student in any community in the state of Indiana can enroll now in Achieve […]

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Is Face-to-Face Communication Essential to Online Learning?

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the sudden closure of schools everywhere, the shift to online courses was so sudden, there simply wasn’t time for adequate training on virtual learning. many teachers quickly discovered that to deliver a lesson effectively for each student and facilitate peer interaction wasn’t a simple undertaking. In this blog article, we’ll […]

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Keep Kids Learning with These 7 Free Educational Apps

The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic forced an abrupt shift from traditional classroom education to online learning virtually overnight. Lacking adequate time to make this shift, the online learning environment resulted in a widely varying quality in education from the preschooler to the high school student to college and adult learners. But for parents who […]

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Understanding Virtual Education: Online Learning Terms

If you’re like many people who got a very sudden and unexpected introduction to e-learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down regular school, you might be feeling a bit confused about a wide variety of online learning terms and what they mean. This article will introduce you to a number of distance education terms […]

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Platforms and Tools for Online Education

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has forced schools across the nation to make an abrupt shift away from traditional classroom methods to remote education thanks to school closures aimed at slowing the pandemic. Distance learning, online education, e-learning, remote instruction—whatever your school district is calling it—just about any teacher or educator will tell you […]

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Effective Virtual Learning at Home: Tips for Parents

By mid-March 2020, nearly every school across the nation closed in order to try to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 to vulnerable people. Most took a week a or two to take a deep breath, plan, and then took the plunge to embrace online learning. Students of all ages have been […]

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