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The Daily Routine of an Online High School Student

Unanswered Questions About Transitioning to Virtual School The details of an online high school student’s day seem like a mystery for those who have not experienced online education. That’s why many parents and students hesitate transitioning to virtual learning due to the unanswered questions. The reality of online education is that a typical day in […]

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Should I Enroll My Child in Online School?

Commonly Asked Questions When Signing a Child up for Online School Deciding the best path for your child’s education is one of the most important decisions parents face. The education children receive determines their future, making it imperative to find the option that sets your child up for success as well as the academic opportunity […]

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Is Online Learning the Future of Education?

Could The Future of Education be Online? In recent years, the trend of taking secondary school classes online has grown. Today, online learning at all levels has become an effective alternative to brick-and-mortar schools. Education has become more flexible as we have discovered more about the learning habits of today’s students, and at Achieve Virtual […]

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A Day in the Life of a Student Attending Online High School

The Average Day of an Online High School Student Virtual learning provides students the opportunity to receive a high-quality, personalized education experience online. The benefit of customizing your curriculum allows students to base their studies specifically on their interests, learning style, and personal schedule. This makes online education an increasingly popular option. However, is it […]

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How to be Successful Attending Online High School

How to Become a Successful Online Student Attending high school online is certainly a shift from traditional schooling. However, the flexible and convenient nature gives students numerous benefits that they may not have at a traditional high school making it an increasingly popular option for many students. If you or a family member is considering […]

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5 Tips to Engage the Modern Learner

Technology, resources and innovative education tools have made today’s students experts at multitasking. They have grown accustomed to having access to information at their fingertips. However, with numerous distractions available to them it can be challenging to keep them engaged. Here we share some suggestions to keep the modern learner engaged in their studies. Make […]

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Top Education Trends for 2018

Technology is changing the way instructors educate. It is providing opportunities that were not accessible in the past and continues to evolve each year. Online education offers curriculums and learning paths personalized for each student. In 2018 we saw new academic trends such as improved learning and flexibility becoming the main topic of evolving education. […]

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7 Ways To Prevent Summer Learning Loss

These tips will help your child shake off learning loss during the summer months Many children who have summers off from school end up spending several weeks catching up when they return in the fall. It’s called academic delay and it sets teachers and students back and stalls your child’s development. So how can you […]

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Use The Summer To Get Ready For Fall Learning

Summer needs to be fun, but you don’t want your child to lag behind before school starts in the fall. Believe it or not, the summer can be a great time to focus your children on new knowledge and to prepare for the upcoming school year. Academic loss is the idea where students fall behind […]

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10 Benefits of Integrating Online Learning With Traditional Education

Blending online and in-classroom experiences give students the best of both worlds Across all levels of education, students are enrolling in more online courses. Times have changed since the one-size-fits-all way for the schools of yesteryear. Educators now better understand that learning styles differ from student to student. So how can you best maximize a […]

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