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Making Comparisons Between Online High Schools

When looking to achieve a high school diploma, you aren’t restricted by which school is closest or in your district any more. Online high school programs are able to stand out through offering flexible scheduling and quality educational options to students, in order to help them graduate with a high school diploma. A diploma is necessary to continue education in college, and on average individuals with a high school diploma will earn thousands more per year as an adult when compared to those who didn’t finish their studies.

Not all online high schools are equally qualified to help out students, however. When deciding on which online school is right for you or your child, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. The right choice could be the difference between successfully achieving a diploma and being equipped for college, or not being able to get into the right college.

See some of the biggest thing to consider when comparing and examining online high schools.


Accreditation is the first item on this list to consider, because it’s not something that anyone should consider to be optional in an online high school. When a school is accredited, it means that it’s recognized as a legitimate institution by colleges, employers and beyond. Accreditation is achieved when a regional or national accrediting agency views a school’s curriculum and offerings as valid.

The online high school courses that Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers are fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education. Students can know that their courses will ultimately lead to a high school diploma as well as opportunities beyond.

Course Offerings

When looking to make sure that an online high school is worth attending, students and parents will want to make sure that the courses on offer will be suited to their educational needs. For some students, they only need to take one course during a summer session to make sure that they can stay on track and graduate at a traditional high school. For others, they might be looking to complete an entire high school diploma track all online. Either way, having a wide array of courses will mean that a student has the most options in completing their high school education.

The online high school courses that Achieve Virtual offers are fully accredited, and span every field of study including business and career, health and physical education, language arts, math, fine arts, science, social studies, world languages and technology. Every course a student would need to achieve a diploma lives here.

Advanced Education Opportunities

Many online high schools fail at this hurdle, not having enough advanced education opportunities to keep gifted students engaged and offer the resources to gain college credit while taking high school courses. Most traditional high schools offer dual credit courses, so if you’re looking for an online experience that can stand up to a traditional high school, these opportunities are a must.

The dual credit courses that Achieve Virtual offers not only fulfill high school credits, but also allow students to achieve college credit through Vincennes University. When working to complete a high school education online, check to see whether you’ll be able to apply your credits to college experience.


For any student, learning a second language could seriously help them down the line when pursuing a career or considering moving to a different part of the world later in their lives. Languages are indispensable parts of culture, and an online high school program should offer quality instruction in a variety of languages to help make education what the student wants it to be rather than what’s available.

Achieve Virtual has eight world language studies courses across multiple levels. For those intending to pursue a college degree, completing a four-year language sequence may lead to advanced placement in college. This could fulfill some or all of a college’s World Languages requirement, and lead to tuition savings down the line.

Education Style

Online education isn’t supposed to be drastically different from traditional high schools when it comes to the quality of educators who help impart their material onto students. A school can only be as good as its teachers, so it’s important to be sure you feel confident on the quality of an online high school’s faculty before you make a decision over where you want to go.

Achieve Virtual’s faculty is made up of quality licensed instructors who have a passion for their material and stay engaged with their students. Our teachers will be sure to regularly check in with students, in order to make sure they understand the material and are making good progress that will place them to succeed in the class and get the credits they need. Most of our instructors also teach students in physical classrooms in addition to working with online students. They’re driven by a desire to see students to succeed, so students can feel confident with Achieve Virtual’s quality.

Flexibility for Students

In a traditional classroom environment, students are put on the clock, needing to absorb information and do work at a specific time. Online schools are usually more able to be flexible on things like these deadlines, and allow for students who feel more free to learn when they feel the most capable of doing work and retaining knowledge.

Achieve Virtual’s curriculum offers the flexibility students need, with instructors willing to work with students in order to make sure that they stay engaged and on track to complete a course and achieve a degree down the line. If a student works, or has an unconventional set of other schedule requirements, then our staff is here to work with them and find a solution. We maintain flexibility without forgetting what’s best for the student, and help our students do well on their own time.