Get Your High School Diploma Online

For students who are unable to receive a high school diploma as teens, career opportunities can often be out of reach. An adult high school diploma online lets those former students make up for lost time, getting a degree that is certified by Indiana’s Department of Education.

Instead of relying on a General Education Development test, Indiana’s students can receive a certified adult high school diploma online, which stands in higher regard with institutions of higher learning and employers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person with a high school diploma earns $179 more a week than someone without such a degree.

Reaching that milestone also makes adults eligible for entrance into college, which can put them on the path toward a significant income gain.

Most colleges require a high school degree for admissions, so by getting an adult high school diploma online, returning students have a better chance of getting into their choice colleges.

The GED Difference

Some students assume a High School Equivalency Test is the same as a high school degree, but they quickly find the two are not equal. Statistically, high school degree holders earn more than those with HSE and some colleges and military programs place limitations on those with HSE.

When reviewing the résumés of job applicants, many businesses also place a higher value on those with high school degrees versus HSE.

Achieve Virtual offers an accredited high school diploma online for adults, which means each credit will count toward a real high school degree.

Adult students can earn an adult high school diploma online and begin working toward their dreams of earning more and pursuing new career paths.

Convenience and Affordability

Two things adults never seem to have enough of are money and time. Achieve Virtual’s high school diploma online for adults allows adult learners to take courses on their own terms, at the pace that is most comfortable to them.

Because students can take classes 24 hours a day, Achieve Virtual’s platform is ideal for working adults who want to earn a degree in their spare time.

Best of all, Achieve Virtual’s courses are free. Taught by certified Indiana teachers, students can earn a free online high school diploma for adults with the one-on-one help they need, when they need it.

For students interested in earning an adult high school diploma online, Achieve Virtual is a great choice, both for the budget and their restricted schedules.