Counselor / Approving School Official Instructions:

  1. When one of your students submits an application, our website will either automatically send you a notification email or if you’re not a partner school in the system already, it will send Achieve’s principal an email notification so he can reach out to your student’s school and verify approval.
    1. Your school/counselor will be added at that time for any future enrollments for the auto email to be sent to your school’s counselor(s).
    2. These emails are just notifications that one of your students has registered and along with what they requested.
  2. Each day, Achieve will send you (counselor) or a group of counselors from your school an email with a list of students and what classes they’ve requested. You only need to respond to this list email, not each individual student notification email. This way, you can respond to one email a day instead of however many students register.
  3. Reminder: students are allowed only 2 credits for the summer (2 classes). No exceptions are made for more classes for an individual student who wants more than 2.
  4. Until we receive the approval email with the specific courses approved, we will not enroll or place. This means the student will not count in our maximum of 2,000 until approval is sent to our registration email.
    1. Once we’re full, our website and registration link will notify students we’re full and no longer taking applications and our emails to your schools will notify you.
  5. Unfortunately, being able to monitor student progress by counselors will not be ready for this summer session. We hope to have this synced for the fall semester and beyond.
  6. After the close of summer school on July 27th, the Achieve Virtual secretary, Amanda Crosby will be sending out transcripts to students’ school. If you have questions or problems receiving them, please feel free to contact her directly at