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5 Benefits of Virtual Schooling

DeathtoStock_Medium5 (1)There are many benefits to attending a virtual high school.  If you or your child are interested in this option, take a look at just five of the benefits of online learning.


1. Flexibility

Without online education, there isn’t a traditional 8-3 schedule.  Students have the ability to learn when and where they want.  For students involved in sports, working, or with family responsibilities, it is nice to be able to plan learning around your unique schedule. While the rigor and time required for virtual school matches what you would expect in a traditional setting, you choose your own schedule.


2. One-on-One Attention

Sometimes in a room of 30 or more students, it is hard to get the one-on-one attention on certain topics. In a self-paced online class, students can receive individualized assistance on the topics with which they need help. The students have the power to determine when they receive that specialized attention. Our teachers focus on good communication to allow opportunities for the focused attention all students deserve.


3. Recover Lost Credits or Get Ahead

Online education is a great option for students who need to make up classes or for those students who want to get ahead. Regardless of a student’s situation, our teachers want to see each and every student find success. Virtual school provides students the flexibility and options they need to graduate.  At Achieve Virtual, students can work toward a general diploma, Indiana Core 40, or Academic Honors diploma. Students even have the option to take dual credit courses, allowing them to earn college credit while taking high school courses.


4. Prepare for College and Career

Online learning teaches students 21st Century skills that will assist them in life after high school.  Learn time management, online collaboration skills, research, and prepare for future online courses in college. Virtual schooling can be a great option to help set students up for continued success after high school.


5. Self-Paced

Because online courses are self-paced, students move on to each unit after they demonstrate mastery, not after a specific date on the calendar. Students who may need to spend a little more time on a lesson can do so. Students can also move faster through content and skills that they have mastered previously. There are no mandatory lectures that students must sit through regardless of their previous knowledge. Move through the content with the help of your teacher at the pace that suits you best.


These are just five of the benefits of virtual schooling. Why did you choose online learning? Comment below!

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