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Schooling Options for Traveling Students

a woman standing on a bridgeGetting a free, quality education while traveling used to be something people dreamed of. With the rapid expansion of technology in recent decades, students across the United States have more opportunities than ever to take advantage of flexible and personalized online education.

For many different reasons, high school students may have to spend a significant portion of their educational career traveling around the country. Maybe a parent has a career that travels for a majority of the year. Maybe the student participates in extracurricular activities that involve an extensive amount of travel experiences. Whatever the reason may be, students have options when it comes to completing their high school diploma. One of those options is to enroll in online high school.

Online high school offers many affordances for a traveling student and is the best way to ensure a student receives a quality education on the road.

Around the World

One of the major advantages of online high school education is the ability to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In the today’s world of public WiFi and LTE technology, students can find a way to connect to the internet in nearly every corner of the globe.

This gives students an opportunity to travel to new and unique places while still in high school. Traditional school students typically only travel on school breaks. For example, a traditional high school student may have summer travel planned every single year, but may not take any trips throughout the year.

A built-in flexibility of time and place means that families can “do school” while traveling and can travel at times other than traditional school holidays. They must, of course, still keep in mind standardized state tests that require public school students to be physically present at designated locations for a series of days each year.

Online schooling fits traveling student athletes particularly well, as it not only allows them to work from anywhere, but also allows them to personalize their learning and move at their own pace.

Global Citizens

For families that regularly travel to new or unique areas, online high school allows for students to begin expanding their cultural horizons. Because technology allows a student to work from anywhere, students can be immersed in new cultures while still earning credits toward their high school diploma.

Maybe a parent based out of Indiana needs to travel to a foreign country like Japan for work for several months. Online high school gives them the opportunity to bring their child along to allow them to hone foreign language skills and engage in local culture. Opportunities like this cultivate empathy and engage students in a clear path to true global citizenship.

Immersive Education

For families that can afford to do so, using travel to enhance education can have improved outcomes and greater engagement. This new and growing movement gives students truly immersive opportunities. For example, if an online high school student is learning about The Revolutionary War, a traveling family may choose to travel to Washington D.C. or Philadelphia to immerse their students in the history of the war.

In other words, students are able to use the landmarks and attractions they encounter as a means for educational enhancement and exploration. Students don’t just read about the Constitution, they can view the original document.

This option is not for everyone, as it requires a very high level of family participation and the proper financial stability. However, online schooling makes it possible.

Traveling with Achieve Virtual

Achieve Virtual’s online high school allows students to take classes from any location that has an Internet connection, offering a level of convenience not found with other types learning. Attending virtual school is a great option for many students and families. We pride ourselves in offering an alternative opportunity and pathway to success for so many students, including those students that must travel.

Contact us today with your questions about student travel and online education: 317-723-5968.

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