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Social Learning: A Shared Online Learning Experience

There’s a misconception that online learning, while flexible, isolates students and put them in a situation where they interact with a machine rather than peers or instructors. It’s incorrectly believed that students lack social interaction in online learning.

But we know that executed correctly, online learning places an emphasis on emotional development and interactivity by creating a meaningful experience.

What Is Social Learning?

By definition, social learning is participating with others to make sense of new ideas. That can be achieved not only in a classroom, but also with a rich online learning experience.

Social learning takes place through peer interaction and leads to changes in attitudes and behaviors. The results of social learning must go beyond one person to be accepted by wide social units, occurring through interactions of direct contact or via some type of media platform.

In short, social learning is driving new thoughts and information within a shared experience with others.

Meaningful Social Learning Activities

While taking courses online gives students flexibility and allows them to learn at their own pace, online learners frequently have contact with peers and teachers. At Achieve Virtual Academy, our online platforms foster social interaction while at the same time giving your student the many advantages of online learning. Here are some ways in which we foster communication and interaction:

Social Media Collaboration
It’s no secret that the overwhelming majority of people are active on social media, or at least have an account. Using social networks can be useful in education and for sharing and communicating. Leveraging social presence is a relatively new method in education, but it allows for connectivity and instant flow of information.

Two-Way Online Communication
Teachers are assigned to students to provide support and give feedback on assignments. Students and teachers can effectively communicate online, allowing for the same interaction and social development found in classroom settings.

As video tools have become easier to use and more attainable, they have spread as cutting-edge assets in online learning environments. Creating and sharing videos allows for creativity and feedback, which both add to the experience.

Social Implications Of Online Learning

Online learning changes the way learners access and consumes information. It takes a two-way commitment from teachers and students for everyone to get the maximum benefit out of the experience. Done well, online learning can open new worlds for students that weren’t available to previous generations.

Increased Access
From adult learners to the gifted and talented, online learning increases access to education for many people. The flexibility of online learning allows for people with busy schedules to continue learning. Areas in which resources are scarce can have a more broadly available education by utilizing online resources. Students with disabilities can also find online learning to be easier and more time efficient.

Improved Efficiency
Online learning empowers students to learn topics at their speed. Once a topic has been mastered, the student advances. It’s a very customized experience. Teachers are also able to best reach students using multiple methods. For instance, students who learn by reading can consume information one way, while more visually-apt students can be instructed via other forms of media.

The Best of Both Worlds in Online Learning

Achieve Virtual is Indiana’s only online learning academy that combines the resources of public schools with the benefits of taking courses online. It’s operated by the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, and with that comes a rich academic history and an abundance of resources such as libraries, technology and faculty.

Achieve Virtual’s curriculum aligns with standards set by the Indiana Department of Education is also officially approved by the NCAA and is a member of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL).

Whether your student needs to supplement coursework to get ahead or enroll as a full-time student, Achieve Virtual can deliver a worthwhile educational experience filled with social development and meaningful interactions. Contact us today to learn how Achieve can help you get ahead!

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