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Top Education Trends for 2018

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Technology is changing the way instructors educate. It is providing opportunities that were not accessible in the past and continues to evolve each year. Online education offers curriculums and learning paths personalized for each student. In 2018 we saw new academic trends such as improved learning and flexibility becoming the main topic of evolving education. Below we elaborate on the main reasons learning and flexibility have become the main priority in 2018.

Earning Dual Credits

Entering the real world and pursuing an undergraduate degree and career is a top priority for students today. Many high school students are accelerating their education so they can accomplish their career goals. By earning college credits that transfer, high school students can get a head start on completing college general requirements.

Graduating from High School Early

More and more high school students are graduating early. The traditional approach to high school is becoming less popular and students are taking advantage of their resources to graduate in less than four years. An online school makes it a simple process by working with an advisor and determining a course of action. Students can attend a traditional high school and take online classes in the evening to earn their credits and meet state graduation requirements as well as enroll full time in an online school and take an extra course.

Connecting with Mentors

Students are seeking mentors more frequently. They are more connected to the world and understand the importance of a thorough education. With many students enrolling in online school they turn to a mentor to guide them through the virtual education process and offer support and advise as needed. A mentor can also make sure students are aware of the resources available to them, monitor progress, work with teachers as needed to reach resolutions and make sure students stay on task.

Integrating Online School with Traditional School

High school students also are enrolling in both online high school as well as their traditional school. By integrating both methods of education students can graduate early, take classes their traditional high school doesn’t offer, have access to more learning materials, get a more customized education, learn at their own pace and take extra time to focus on subject areas they need more time with.

The flexibility of virtual education and integrating it into your traditional high school is popular for a reason. It’s effective and does not limit students to their education. To see if online education is right for you, contact Achieve Virtual today.

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