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HSE Versus High School Diploma: What’s the Difference?

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Employers always want to hire good employees. They want people that have proven the ability to learn and master skills. When it comes to high school education, you have some options when it comes to proving those skills. How do you choose between High School Equivalency (HSE) certification and a high school diploma?

For those in traditional high school, the high school diploma is almost always going to be recommended. A diploma signals that a student has met all of the requirements needed for graduation. These students have high school credentials and end up as high school graduates.

To earn a high school diploma, students typically have to pass courses like language arts, math, social studies, and math. Students can also earn high school diplomas from an accredited online high school like Achieve Virtual.

For those that didn’t earn a high school diploma, including adult learners and those that drop out of high school, an HSE is an option. The HSE is an exam that tests students in high school equivalent courses. It tests reading, computation, interpreting information and the ability to express oneself.

To pass the exam, students must score higher than 60% of a sample set of graduating seniors. Students often spend a good amount of time studying for the HSE.

Passing the HSE test allows learners to prove that they have equivalent skills to their peers, even if they didn’t finish high school.

Can you get an HSE and a high school diploma?

Technically, yes. You can always choose to take the HSE exam, as long as you are not enrolled in high school, have not graduated high school, and are at least 16 years of age. However, it is not necessary to get both. Instead of relying on a High School Equivalency test, Indiana’s students can receive a certified adult high school diploma online through Achieve Virtual, which stands in higher regard with institutions of higher learning and employers.

Achieve Virtual offers an accredited high school diploma online for adults. This means each credit will count toward a real high school degree.

High school diplomas versus. HSE: Do employers care?

Many employers choose to place more value on a finished high school diploma rather than an HSE, but HSE holders can still be hired at the same places as high school graduates. Employers for entry-level positions will typically accept an HSE, but there is no guarantee.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person with a high school diploma earns $179 more a week than someone without such a degree. Earning a high school diploma has a real impact on your earning potential in the future.

Is an HSE truly equivalent to a diploma?

Yes and no. The HSE is not the same in every way. It allows many of the same things as a high school diploma, but employers, colleges and the military do not always view it as equivalent. The safe bet is to earn your high school diploma either in a traditional school or online through Achieve Virtual.

If you are interested in learning more about earning your high school diploma online, contact a representative at Achieve Virtual to help you plan your path to educational success.

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