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2019 Virtual Summer School: What to Expect

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What You Can Expect for This Year’s Summer School

For students who are in need of credits in order to graduate early, recover previously failed classes, or want to take a class that is not offered at school, summer school in 2019 might be the solution. Most summer school opportunities come at no charge to the student to select courses.

The traditional high school format is not the best fit for every student. The personalized and self-paced nature of online school often gives students the flexibility and attention they need to be successful. Virtual summer school specifically allows students to move at a pace comfortable for them and often offers one-on-one attention in each subject area.

The summer term is a perfect time to take an online course. Want to spend all day outside with friends and then do coursework at night? You got it. As long as you have an internet connection, most virtual summer schools allow students to work anywhere they want!

Because the full school year is often incredibly busy for students, summer school courses offer a chance to take classes or pursue interests that students may not have had time to pursue during the school year. Summer sessions are typically much shorter than full semester courses. This means that courses may move at a slightly quicker pace than in a traditional semester.

Below are some typical course offerings that could be found in online summer schools. This is not an exhaustive list, so if students want to take a course that’s not listed, make sure they contact your virtual summer school provider.

English/Language Arts

English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12 are all typically offered during summer sessions. These courses are often required for high school graduation.

Some virtual summer schools also offer more rigorous and creative courses than some traditional schools might offer during summer school. Students may be able to take courses in speech, creative writing, and more during the 2019 virtual summer school session.


Algebra, algebra II, geometry 1, and pre-calculus/trigonometry are likely to be offered this summer. If you or your student are looking to get ahead or catch up in math, summer is the perfect time to focus in on improvement in mathematics.

Math is a tough subject, and it often gives students trouble. Because of the flexibility online courses offer, many students find mathematics coursework more manageable than they would be in a traditional school setting.

Social Studies

Geography / world history, US history, US government, and economics are all typically offered during the summer session. These four courses are typically required for graduation, so taking them online over the summer sets students up for finishing early or on time!


Course offerings in science for the 2019 summer session likely include biology, chemistry, and physics. Integrated chemistry and physics may be offered for students that tend to struggle with science as a subject. Whether students want to get ahead in science coursework or use these courses as an opportunity for credit recovery, the summer session is the time to do it.

PE/Health & Electives

Electives may not always be offered during online summer sessions, but the summer is a great time to take them (if offered) to focus on learning during the traditional school year on more academic subjects. Physical education, health, Spanish I, French I, digital applications and responsibility, preparing for college/careers, and introduction to business are all examples of courses that could be offered during the 2019 summer session.

These courses offer opportunities to meet graduation requirements in language and physical education. Electives offered also allow students to pursue interests they may not have been able to during the traditional school year.

Should You Enroll in Virtual Summer School?

Yes! Virtual summer school lets students take courses at their own pace and is flexible enough to still enjoy your summer. Enroll today!

The 2019 Summer School Session with Achieve Virtual begins on June 3, 2019, and will run through July 19, 2019.

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