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Tech Tip of the Month: September 2014

Tech Tip of the Month: To Do Lists

One of the easiest things you can do to help yourself be successful in your online courses is to create To Do Lists for yourself.  To Do Lists can help you stay organized and also keep your stress levels low.

Time management and organizational skills are absolutely necessary for online students to be successful.  These skills are helpful once you go to college or the work force as well.  Oregon State University shares several great organizers that you could print out if you like to handwrite your tasks and mark them off.  Check out the following website and scroll down to the bottom for the PDFs you can download and print.

OSU Academic Success Center: Lists and Priorities

My personal favorite To Do List tool is a Chrome browser extension.  The extension is called Momentum.  Every time you open a new tab in the Chrome browser, your to do list page shows up.  It has a motivational quote, your to do list you can check off, and even the weather. Check out the screenshot of what mine looks like today.


If you access your classes with the Chrome browser, you might be interested in this tool.  Downoad it here:

Momentum (Productivity Chrome Extension)

meetcarrotAnd one added app for those of you who want your to do lists to come with a sense of humor. If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you might check out the iOS app Carrot.  Learn more about this set of apps at the Meet Carrot website.  This app helps motivate you by turning completing items on your to do list into a game.  If you get things done, the app “rewards” you (with funny and entertaining upgrades), but if you don’t… she gets very angry! 😉

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